It ain't pretty yet, folks.

I'm warning you: this isn't one of those "pretty posts". That will come next week. Still working on the bathroom. Sorry, no glorious "AFTER" shots yet.
Taking down the sexaaay old light fixture.
You must experience the joys of patching drywall. (That's the old dark paint color).

Mr. FC & plumber removed the old vanity and toilet.
See that shower tile? I don't love it but the previous owner had recently installed it so it's staying. The tub's in good condition so that's staying, too.
Oh well, more money in our pockets, I guess.
This is the new wall color (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter mixed a custom shade darker)


  1. Demolition is so exciting! Or maybe it is the anticipation of the finished product! Can't wait to see how it all pulls together. You have such great style!

  2. Cant wait...I know it will be fab!

  3. Forget the bathroom...I'm entirely way too amused you blogged about poop :)


  4. I am LOL'ing at the thought of you sitting in the toilet in the middle of your basement.
    And, then I'm thinking how weird it is that I'm picturing you using the bathroom.

  5. lol at Erin! Agreed.

    It'll be worth it!

  6. I was just thinking the same thing as Erin. You cool with us all picturing you hanging out in the middle of the basement doing your thang? K, good. I was reading this to B and he said "Tell her to do her business at work - I love getting paid for it". I didn't need to know that about my husband, so I'm guessing you didn't either, but there it is. lol.

  7. LMAO!! Now that you know where I go to "go", I feel that much closer to you all. If anyone ever needs a kidney, I'm so there.

    What makes it even sweeter is that about 5 ft away is Mr. FC's bumper pool table. We can now cheer each other on our bathroom breaks.

  8. *de-lurks*

    I can't wait to see what you do! I am so jealous of your house. I waaaaant it.

  9. Hi, I can't wait to see the new vanity in the bathroom, it's going to look fantastic. Now we know where you go, hey it's better then going outside to the out house.

  10. I can't believe you have to go to the basement to use the toilet!! Just hang in there :) It does look really clean though!

  11. you're hilarious. i'm very sorry you're having to poo in the basement!

  12. FC - I feel so much closer to you now that I know where you do your bidness. I also love the fact that you don't mind posting about where your "kiddie" pool is :)

    I can't freaking wait to see your finished bathroom - seriously, my fingernails are gonna be shot this week from freckles-makeover-reveal-anxiety.

  13. Bwahahahaha! OMG! I laughed through this whole post and comments! I'm in tears! I need to catch my breath! Seriously, y'all are a trip and need your own reality show, please?

    Love the color!

  14. I feel closer to you now (and apparently so does Katie) lol.

    And I soooo share your pain, except not only do I have to go down stairs, I have to go downstairs from our 1 1/2 story at 7 months pregnant.

  15. We had a toilet like this in our old house. It was right next to the exterior door and a bunch of windows and that is where my fiance actually chose to do his business... Weirdo.


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