A-maze-ing pillows

Small living room update: Z Gallerie Labyrinth pillows.
Is it possible to get girlishly giddy over a pair of pillows? But of course.
Especially when they were 15% off and bought using gift cards.
Oops, left my wine glass in this shot. Just as well.

Caption: Freckles Chick: Why she's always so cheerful {arrow pointing to wine glass}.

(We'll get around to lowering that chandelier, oh, in 2010.)
My daisies from 2 weeks ago are still going strong!
Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower? ----> What movie is that from? Anyone?
Edit: Several readers have emailed me about where I got the rattan stool from. We purchased it 3 years ago from Pier 1. It's been pretty versatile and resilient (it made it thru our townhome days to this house), though some of the rattan threads are more "rustic" now due to normal wear and tear. I've seen similar versions at JC Penney, Target, garden stores, and Pier 1 might still be carrying them.