I guess I've never been the chocolates & roses type when it comes to Valentine's Day.

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day, honey!" (to me) more than a newly tiled bathroom floor. Mr. FC sure knows how to get me all hawt and bothered. My present to him? I let him choose the tile =) I wanted marble but we compromised and this was his choice.
And nothing says "Let's get romantical!" more than messy hair, Freckles Chick hogging the tile saw, and 2 days of not showering. Holy ripeness!
{ We went with honed slate, a special order from Home Depot.
Slate is irregular by nature and a honed finish gives it an ultra- smooth, sleek, modern look.
Note: Slate is porous so it's recommended that it be sealed if used in a bathroom or any place where there might be contact with moisture. We will treat it with a few coats of sealant before grouting. It also requires resealing at least yearly but the look is worth it for us. }
Thank you Mr. FC for giving me the best Valentine's Day present I could ask for =)