an audience

Most Saturday mornings go like this for us: wake up, grab coffee, hightail it to Home Depot or Lowe's, freak out at how much we're spending on home improvements and how this is our 4th trip there this week.
This morning however, we decided to take a break from the bathroom reno (ugh) to have a leisurely morning. Well, I did at least. Mr. FC does environmental consulting so a 6-day work week is not uncommon for him.
As I got my morning coffee, I felt like I was being watched. And I was: As I sat down with my "Good Morning" mug and flipped open my Domino Book (for oh, the 120th time), he wasn't too far away either. I love the little lurker furry monster


  1. Hmmm...I need to get that Domino book.

    I'm rolling at your interpretation of my dream. Funny, Jay thought the same thing.

    "You're probably pissed at me cause I don't wanna buy that stupid house," were his exact words.


  2. Awwww! Charlie is like that too! He hates winter -- wants to go out and play so he just stares at me like a creep and follows me everywhere. Poor fella.

    I love Hiro, what a doll.

  3. bwahahaha! That shot of Hiro is hilarious!

  4. Reminds me of my kids! HaHa! I better get that Domino book before it is a collectors item. Well it probably already is!

  5. I love a little doggie shadow following me around. Although Niko's a tad smaller than Hiro! : )

  6. Jess~ You crack me up!

    Don't you all just love having a doggie shadow following you around? He's a like part of me and i don't often notice it unless he gets in my face. Hard to miss 75 lbs of hairiness.

  7. I think the question here is...Do you have your camera permanently attached to your hand? (To catch cute moments like this?) My camera would have been in my purse in the other room and my little lurkers would have followed me and ruined the moment...never to have been caught on film. Gotta love them though.

  8. Blondie~ After 2 yrs of documenting bits of our life on this blog o' mine, I've learned to always have the camera w/in reach! Although w/ the 2nd pic, I had to tell him to "stay" while I fetched the camera from the kitchen (from the previous pic).
    So while I'm not condoning being attached to your camera at all times, it pretty much is for me!!


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