Weird Wednesday

As the "About Me" section proclaims, I have a penchant for randomness, so just some items of interest bouncing around inside my head this week. You've been warned. It's not too late to skip over this post, you know =)

  • Blog = "web"+ "log". I don't know why this never occurred to me until my friend pointed it out. I always assumed it wasn't short for anything (like "pants"....... ohhh......right.). Hello Oblivious, party of one.
  • Hot ass cookies. Did things just get weird in here? These just speak for themselves. All they require are heart-shaped cookie cutters, dough, and a raunchy sense of humor (you must read her post). I'm dying to make these for someone's bachelorette party but since I'm an old married woman, I don't know many bachelorettes anymore. *cough* Sara, Kirsten *cough* Although now, I think I've officially secured an "uninvite" to their bachelorette parties, for fear of me bringing these cookies.

  • Yet another reason(s) to want Ikea Lack shelves, thanks to Desire to Inspire. Would like to implement this in our kitchen. I know open shelving is not appealing to everyone but I am a fan. What can I say? I like to dust have nothing to hide.

  • I almost signed off on an email to a family member with 'Love, FC'. Oh dear.

  • A razor blade will scrape almost anything off of a glazed bathtub (use w/ caution). This includes dried grout, caulk, rust, and mysterious stains that happened before our time that I'd rather not think about.

  • I must be the only person on this earth who does not FaceBook. Did I even use that term correctly?

  • I have a twisted sense of humor. So it's only natural that I think The Bloggess is hilarious. Thank you to the chick who makes me ashamed of my sweats funny, loveable fashionista Chloe for introducing me to it.

  • We own a lot of DVD's. So why do I always find Mr. FC watching the exact same movies we own on TV, with commercials, and colorful language dubbed over with pathetic alternate dialogue?

    Hmmm, maybe I should look into that outlet for random thoughts called Twitter.

    Lord help us all then, because there would be no escaping FC =)


  1. You always make me laugh! Thanks for that

  2. I am a fan of the open shelves too! AAAHHH the space to organize!

  3. Oh my god..Im in lust with that second room!

    I love the look but I admit Im afraid to install Lack shelves in my house. I don't trust my plaster walls to hold them!

  4. I saw the picture of the pretty blue room yesterday and was in aww of it. I love it. I think its time for me to get some of those shelves to. I must, I must, I must increase my shelving options! Taday (today), not Tamorra (tomorrow). And your comments are off the chain. You are not the only person left that doesnt facebook. I have one just to keep up with my teenage cousin who lives in ATL. Other than that, I could care less and dont get it...

  5. Those cookies are fantastic! I think they would be perfect for a bachelorette party.

  6. I am dying for those shelves myself. Agh IKEA. Love the cookies, let's just have another bachelorette party in honor of all the married girls. That sounds good to me!

  7. I lol'd at signing love fc. I think we've all come close to those moments!

    Only you my dear would deem those hot ass cookies, only you. :)

    You used facebook correctly, unfortunately you are not the last one . . . I have quite a few friends who I have to still make the effort to be friends with as they do not fb. lol.

  8. I love open shelves too, especially after seeing that post on Desire to Inspire!

    The cookies are too awesome!!

  9. Super funny, FC. I don't/ won't facebook either. Who has the time, my god? And we do the exact same thing with movies at our house. Crazy!


  10. Love the cookies. Would like to serve them at a proper "tea" to just shake things up a bit...

    Love the open shelving. Wonder why they don't put an Ikea here in Central California. Would help with some of our local economy issues. No, instead they want to put in a Pro Bass Shop. Ugh.

    We DON'T own many DVDs. However...when they loop Shawshank Redemption (which we DO own) over and over for an entire weekend, he sits there and watches, with the commercials, etc., for hours on end. So that comment I could totally relate to.

    Joined Facebook. Never go there.

    Love your blog. Thanks for brightening up my day.

  11. Both those rooms are making me want to buy shelves! Ikea should pay you!

    If I ever get married again, you can bake Hot Ass cookies for me!

  12. Oh, what's worse is owning a movie, and then having your bf use precious space on the DVR to "tape" it.....???! WHAT??!! Why? My only guess is that either he has a.) forgotten he owns it OR b.) is too lazy to walk upstairs and grab the movie from the loft where the DVDs are kept??

  13. I think I need those shelves!! Weird question, if the rest of the wood in my house is dark, do you think it would look weird to have white shelving (even our trim is dark)??

  14. I've loved those shelves for a long time - just not sure where I would put them in my home. anyways . . .

  15. Oh FC - you are one of the funniest girls I know (virtually know that is)...please never change...

  16. OMG! Hilarious! Love the sweet cheeks' cookies and I do not facebook as well. Seems like a full time job, imo!

  17. Ok, the cookies are a riot...for my friend Jill's bachelorette party, Jay and I went (the token gays, I know, I know.) We went out to dinner and one of the girls with us slipped a penis shaped straw into Jill's drink. When she noticed it, she literally shrieked so loud that it silenced the entire restaurant. We were so embarrassed. I don't know why I felt compelled to tell you that.

    I just posted on DP and asked about Ikea quality...have you had good luck?

    I've decided you need to redesign my great room...get to work!


  18. You're hilarious- and don't worry, I don't "facebook" either!!

  19. FC, I love those cookies, they are hilarious.

    And, you might love facebook too much, so I say do it! ; )

  20. Oh what a funny post! I love this randomness.

  21. Hahaha, hooray for twisted senses of humor! And thanks for the mention. :D

    You do realize that most days I can be found in sweats too, right? Shh! It'll be our secret! ;)

  22. I mentioned you and used a picture of yours in my most recent post. =) I hope that's ok!

  23. I love that office space. Is it yours? It is so well organized! I am jealous!!!!

  24. Boo & Bunny The DoodlersTue Jun 15, 06:27:00 AM

    I love your office! It's so pretty!
    Check out my blog?

    BYYYYE :)


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