Hiding from the paparazzi

I'm approaching my 2 year blogiversary (and will be hosting a blog giveaway soon to thank my readers--stay tuned). As I was sifting through old posts from that first year, it was sort of like looking back through an old yearbook. Nostalgia tinged with a little embarrasment and a lot of laughing.

One of the more entertaining posts from those days is this one . I've always secretly envied people who look like famous people (good or bad ones). It always makes for a fantastic conversation starter ("How are things? Did I ever tell you I bear an uncanny resemblance to Fergie?"). Pathetic? Yes. Interesting? Always. But as Mr. FC always points out, "You confuse people. It's like you're an ethnic enigma. No offense." Thanks, man.

My results from 2 yrs ago:

-S.H. Lee (ummmm, "adult" star.....it's a good thing my Mom doesn't go near computers or my blog.)
-Angelina Jolie (must be the lips)
-Beyonce (must be the tan)
-Mariah Carey (I won't even begin to tell you all that's wrong and offensive with this match--no offense to Mariah fans out there.)

Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of a celebrity? Do share your paparazzi-worthy tidbit.


  1. I love the myheritage look alikes. Mine always matched me to Katherine Heigl (I wish!). In high school at a concert some girl came up to me in the bathroom line and said, "OMG you look just like Topanga" (from Boy Meets World) and I cried.

  2. My husband told me Sanaa Lathan (spelling)..Back in the day when my hair was long and curly I was always compared to Chili of TLC. But every where we go my child is told she looks like Janet Jackson as penny from Good Times.

  3. I have never done the myheritage look-alikes but I have been told I look like Mena Suvari.
    I don't know if thats good or bad?!

  4. I don't look like anyone. But I'm afraid to check because I'm worried about what might pop up.

  5. I look like Selma Blair and I hear it all the time. It's kind of cool because when I want to get my haircut I can see what she's done with her head and know how it will look in advance :)

  6. I get told I look like tons of different celebrities - at some point you begin to wonder if people are just saying it to be nice or if they are saying it because I have brown hair :)

  7. I need get celebrity sitings..haha. But I can see the lips and Angelina on you

  8. I need get celebrity sitings..haha. But I can see the lips and Angelina on you

  9. LOL! Don't cry, Em. I adored Topanga when that show was on =)

    Savannah~ Mena Suvari (during her American Beauty/Pie days) is beautiful!

    Tam & niki~ Ooh, more lovely celebrities! And talented, too.

    Katie~ I think someone else mentioned this, too but you remind me of Kristen Davis from SATC!

    Awww, thank you, Mrs. D!! Thank goodness Angelina made big lips fashionable. They called me fish lips in grade school =(

  10. Haha, you do look just like the porn star!!! :)

    I loved this stupid myheritage thing and once spent all day using different photos of me, friends, and family to come up with the most flattering or insulting matches.

    I supposedly look like Nicole Kidman (this was a consistent result) which I TOTALLY don't see at all. She kinda looks like a blonde witch to me. Oh well...

  11. On Saturday, I was told by a little girl at my workplace that I look like her favorite Bratz doll.

    And then Kitty got called a Papillon twice during our walk (she's a CHIHUAHUA PEOPLE!) and I decided that I wanted a do-over of that entire day. Hmph.

    All joking aside- when I was blonde I got Kristen Bell all the time. Random strangers would approach me to tell me how much I looked like her. It was weird. :\

  12. SHL is hot! I like all of your picks! Hmmmm.... Mulan! I hated that shit so much! How can I look like a cartoon character? I used to live in a building with valet parking and all of the parking dudes would call me Mulan! WTF?

  13. Too funny! Not a bad combo -- and don't hate on Mariah too bad. She used to be pretty.

    A girl at Schlotsky's once thought I was Katie Holmes (pre-Tom). Like literally could not believe I wasn't her. Even brought people from the back of the store to 'check out the celeb' -- apparently she didn't notice the 100lbs I have on Katie Holmes. Or the fact it was in Boise, Idaho. Coo-Coo.

  14. lol, I love your matches. ;) I think I did that once a long time ago and none of mine made sense. I think I might have even gotten Mariah myself!

    In the past people have mentioned I look like Winona Ryder, that seems to be the closest I've come to looking like any celebrity (and the last time was maybe in college - 15 lbs ago!).

  15. LOL!! I didn't realize I have so many "famous" readers. Somebody roll out the red carpet b/c I'm thinking we all need to strut and sashay.

  16. I get Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts? I don't know, must be their mouths! LOL

  17. My brother says I am Kate Winslet. I have always loved her, so I can't complain. Good girl winning the Oscar.


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