Outside of the box

(No, this isn't another post about my bathroom! I think I've had enough of mine for a while.)

I received an email from a dear reader, Michelle, who wanted to know where I got my crystal Q-tip container from. This fancy schmancy piece came from..........Pier 1 Imports! It's actually variegated glass and I found it in their kitchen wares section because it's.........a sugarbowl. But at only $6.00 and sized perfectly to hold little cotton swabs, I think it was destined to come live with me.

I think at one time or another, we all have been forced to think creatively when it comes to finding non-traditional uses for items. While I am the complete opposite of a packrat, I can't help but hang onto to these little bowls and catchall dishes that I've accumulated over the years. The green soapdish has a home on my nightstand for my ring and earrings (I can't sleep with stuff on, not even my ring.). And the little white bowl to the left used to be a dip bowl but I needed something to hold garlic bulbs in the kitchen, so there it is.

I also use the blue-tinged glass plate in the upper right corner as a "catcher" for our pepper grinder, to catch all the little wayward pepper flakes that drive a clean freak like me crazy. Hanging in my closet is a wall-mounted coat rack from which I've draped my necklaces and bracelets like this. I've turned an old plastic pasta container like this into a vessel for holding plastic grocery bags and doggie bags for picking up poop (I know, refined huh?). A cookie jar houses Hiro's dog treats.

I have a teapot that I hardly use, but this got me thinking of using it as a vase:

I'm hardly the first to think of these uses, I'm sure.
Care to share any of yours? Please do!!


  1. Great post girlie...I cant sleep with jewelry on either. As soon as I get home I take off all rings, bracelts and watch..I wear diamond studs that are screwed in so they are the only thing I wear to sleep.

  2. The tea with the flowers is too cute! It is a great idea and will look great for spring

  3. Love the Q-tip jar. And everything else. I am terrible at reusing things so I have no ideas to contribute...I'm a Boulder misfit.

  4. I love the soap dish for your ring. And, that tea kettle is A-dorable.

    I often use my pretty glass pitcher as a vase for flowers. I don't use it enough and it looks really fresh as a vase. =)

  5. I picked up a cute little white ceramic bowl from Target for my earring studs. Then I use a tea cup from the same line to hang my drop earrings on.

  6. Oh I so covet that teapot--for flowers, not tea. Is it available, old, what? So cute...

  7. love these ideas - you so clevah!

    and I love seeing the bits and pieces you have in your home - makes me feel oh-so-close to you...in a totally non-stalkerish way :)


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