Now that the bathroom reno is over and there's been some time to catch our breath (and by time I mean 3 weeks have gone by where we haven't so much as looked at a tool; unless you consider a wine corkscrew a know who you are.) I'm wanting to tackle our dining room nook where we dine on such fine fare as.......anything that can be delivered.

All the main elements are there: grommet-top drapes, paint, chandelier, farmhouse style table, chairs. It's functional but it just doesn't feel "finished", you know?

I'm thinking upholstered chairs on each end are all that we can afford would help break up the black. Lately, I've taken a liking to an eclectic mix of chairs. Also, they're easier on the derriere which is nice since Mr. FC works from home on some days and as he likes to use the dining table (never mind that we have a designated office) for his 2 laptops, drafts, maps, and other boring environmental stuff. I'm sorry honey, but what exactly do you do again? Meh, who cares, as long as it pays the bills.
Perhaps something like this tufted number:

or something with nailhead details like this:

Of course, being the Frugal Queen, I'd like to find more frugal versions of these at Home Goods or somewhere.
I'd like to keep the floor rugless as it opens up the space (I'm sort of infatuated with our wood floors; I can just lick them). And we've been meaning to lower that chandelier but call me crazy b/c I like the twinkle of bare candle bulbs and lowering it could quite possibly blind anyone in the vicinity.

The bathroom sucked all my creativity so I'm just stumped. These quirks aside, what would you suggest for this space by way of:
  • wall decor? (I'm not totally in love w/ what's there now.)
  • a centerpiece?
  • (I have a table runner that I bring out for some occasions, but I'd prefer no runner for everyday.)
  • different drapes or keep these?
If you're still with me, thank you!!


  1. I love your Dining room - drapes, table, chairs and all. And I love your centerpiece in the picture in your left sidebar - simple and streamlined, but it adds interest all the same.

    Maybe a bigger focal point - a mirror or more shelves - or even just bigger frames - would add more balance? It's fabulous as it is, so I'm sure you'll find your finishing touches.

  2. I have seen both of those chairs at Homegoods! I was thinking of getting the one with the studs but my honey wasnt jumping over hoops. I love it though. The other chair came in a lot of different colors including that one.

  3. OMG!!!! I just see that you added me on your blog ROLL!!!!! Thanks girl..WOOOOHOOOOO

  4. I was also thinking that a larger piece of art (or mirror) would anchor the area. Either one large piece, or 2 same-sized pieces, side-by-side. You could add a centerpiece for a pop of color.

  5. Ohhhh fun!

    First of all, I LOVE the second chair with the nailheads.

    Second, I would definitely keep the drapes. Love the color and the grommet detail.

    As for wall decor...what about long ceiling to floor shelves? Similar to what G&D or This Young House have in their dining areas. I love that look, and it's a little different from your typical large mirror or piece of art.

    Lastly, centerpieces. I see that in one of the pictures on the side of your blog, you've got a large glass vase in the center of the table. I like that and think you could build on it...maybe find two more and have all three sitting side by side? And you could always stick things in the vases that were season appropriate...bare branches (maybe spray painted white or silver?) in the winter, forsythia branches in the spring, etc.

    I can't wait to see the outcome!!

  6. FC, I love the way it looks now...But I agree with switching up the chairs. I LOVE the chair with the nailhead details and I think it will be a lovely addition to your space. You can definitely find them at home goods.

    As for the wall art, I would go with a large scale mirror, or the lack wall shelves from ikea.... :) Can't wait to see what you decide.

    Oh, and keep the drapes!

  7. Have you thought about chair covers? I am having the same "issue" and can't break the bank to get new chairs so I am working on finding chair covers. :)

  8. It looks nice already, but maybe the scale of things is what is feeling unfinished.

    Drapes are great, as is the wall color and table and chairs (though I love that first tufted chair for the ends). My change would be the wall. I kind of think the small shelves don't balance as well with the dark and heavy furniture. I think a wall of art would look nice here. Laid out salon style, mix and match big and small.

    Then, maybe some candlesticks in a bold color as a centerpiece just to add that little pop.

    Either way, I think your house is cute and I'm sure your dining room will turn out great.

  9. I agree. Something in a larger scale on the wall. And are you sure no rug? They are expensive, I know, but would really anchor the space. Maybe you could still lick the floor around it?


  10. I love the chairs you've chosen for the ends of the table.

    I would trim the edges of your drapes with a black and white patterned fabric.

    I would find a gigantic colored glass vase, something like a French wine jug, for the center of your table and put cherry blossom branches in it - they have great ones at Pier One. Perhaps, spray paint them white or even a bright coral (that would be brave).

    For the wall, I would add a few more dramatic black and white prints in black frames, and perhaps some decorative swirly elements for interest, spray painted black of course. Incorporate some candles somewhere.

    But bottom line, it looks really great right now. :-)

  11. You can change so much with centerpieces, wall decor and curtains. Maybe if the chairs are too pricey right now stick to the basics and nobody willl even notice the chairs

  12. LOL!

    I wouldn't cover up those gorgeous floors either! I would do a photo gallery on that wall and place tall, chunky candle holders or a pedestal stand on the table! I love the drapes, keep them!

  13. Ooh, I forgot about the chairs! I prefer the chair with the nail head trim in the room! Love your dining room, just needs a little upholstery to soften up the space! :)

  14. My vote goes to the nailhead chairs, and centsational girl above who said trim the drapes with black/white fabric.

    Black and white photos.

    No rug. original ideas from me...

  15. Your home is really lovely as is. If you're just looking to change things up, you could try a single larger piece of art on the wall and then base your centerpiece on that - if the art is busy, the centerpiece could be more simple, or visa versa. With the art, you could introduce another color - wine or burnt orange?

  16. For the chairs: my heart mealts for the tufted ones, but I thinking nailhead ones would go with your table and chairs better.

    For the centerpiece, I tend to prefer a low-profile one like one called Legato Plate on Z Gallerie's website. If you go with a vase though, I like the Silver Dollar Branches or Chinese Lantern Sprays for sale on Z Gallerie's website as well.

    For the wall: I would recommend going with a larger version of what you already kind of have going... I would out 2 large shelves parallel to each other about 1.5 feet apart that run a little short of the length of your table and then sit 4 matching/mix-matching frames on each shelve (with pictures or artwork about the size of the frame you have next to your drapes). Both shelves would sit above your table heigth and be about the same width as the ones you have hanging up now. The frames/pictures/shelves could incorporate some black, white, and metal touches to tie into the room elements. This would provide a eclectic feel, yet maintain clean lines...

    I love the white curtains just like they are.

    I enjoy your blog & your decporating style!

  17. You definitely need something WAY bigger on the wall, one big focal point rather than a bunch of little stuff. You could go with a large blank and white print, a mirror with an interesting frame, a large colourful canvas, or even a grouping of framed pictures hung together so they "read" as a single unit.

    Also, I think you're on the right track with a centerpiece or a runner, as it would be good to break up all the black of the table and chairs.

  18. Let's be honest here.. nothing in your home looks unfinished. Could you come over and help me make one of my rooms look "unfinished?" I am so head-over-heels in love with your curtains....

    With that said, I do love love love the upholstered chairs. I actually like the wall decor in the room, but if you don't, you are in charge. When I put a centerpiece on the table with a runner, my dining room instantly looked more finished. For me, it was an easy fix.

    Best of luck!

  19. I agree with the ladies above me, I was thinking that wall needs something larger in scale.

    What about a hutch? Is there room for one? Not sure what's on the opposite wall, so that may not be an option.

  20. Thanks to all! It always helps immensely to get a different perspective on these things. This gives me a lot of options to work with. And thank you for seeing the potential in this space and for your sweet words =)

    Tam~ Of course I did--I heart your blog! You're a daily read for me and I finally got around to some blogroll "spring cleaning/sprucing up". =)

  21. I love love love the second chair! And where did you buy your white grommet drapes? I've been looking for something similar for our lr! :)

  22. Lovely Little Nest~ I think I'm going to go for the 2nd chair--thanks! The nailhead detail esp. makes my heart skip a beat =)

    The grommet drapes are from JC Penney online. These exact ones are no longer available but they do have very similar ones (search "grommet" on their site). And you can't beat the price! Such a good deal.

  23. Love the drapes - love the table - love the chairs - either option is a win-win! I think that adding something to that wall like Em suggested would be nice...but what do I know!??!

  24. Your home and taste are lovely!

    I love me some nailhead trim...and you can always find a HomeGoods chair, buy nailhead trim by the yard (saw this at JoAnn's Fabric...I think?...and shrieked with delight!) and glue gun away! :-) I think that wall would look fabulous with a large art piece...or maybe just your photos framed in oversized frames? I like little photos + big frames myself...makes you really focus in on the photos.

    Good luck!

  25. I love the curved back of the first chair! Not to mention the seat looks nice and cushy! :)

  26. I love your room. Looks like a good idea to add different chairs to the mix- love the tufted ones! Just wanted to let you know I love your blog, so entertaining, inspiring! My fiance and I are working on updating our fist home, so this is inspiration for us! you can see all of our home project and ideas here:

  27. I like the tufted one. I saw them at Homegoods recently.


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