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Feeling a bit under the weather. I'm hoping it's horrible spring allergies mixed with lack of sleep and not a lingering cold (lesser of the two evils). Also threw out my back somehow and have been waddling around very gingerly. Mr. FC says it looks like I'm walking around with a perpetual wedgie.

And now, probably my profoundest (word?) post ever. I know I don't need any of these items but since every paycheck has gone into our house for the past year, I can't remember the last time I bought something non-house related (although some of these are unavoidably so). For some reason, when I'm all "But it would help stimulate the economy!" Mr. FC is all "Stimulate, my arse." Then we giggle about that sentence for hours.

Any enablers out there?
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Hollywood Regency vintage keys from etsy seller Fabulous Mess -- sadly they're sold out but I'm on a mad search for these to frame (plucked from Made By Girl)

For the master bedroom. So you don't think we're walking around nekked and on display, we do have wood blinds right now in our MBR.

I'm kicking myself for not registering for one of these for our wedding. Do you think it would be weird to put it on a baby registry in the future?

I don't know why I love this quirky painting but I could see it looking stunning against an icy-blue wall.
I do have a teeny tiny update to our office room that I hope to share soon.
Hope everyone's off on a cheerful start to their week!


  1. I think you should totally put a mixer on a future baby registry. Kids like baked goods, right? Feel better, FC!

  2. An update on your office?? I hope it's not that you are painting it a different color, as I'm just off to Lowe's to buy me a gallon of Coastal Villa!

    Can't wait for the update. And I want the curtains...and the picture. It's very intriguing and kinda mysterious.

  3. Heck - just tell people that you are going to make all your own baby food...you'll get that mixer in a jiffy :)

    I hope you feel better soon - sorry to hear about your back but your wedgie story cracks me up!

  4. LMAO, you are so right, Em & Katie. If anyone gives me grief about it I can be all, "But it's for the baby! Think about the baby dammit!"

    Live ~ Hi, C! Nope, not repainting. Just a few new accessories =) Good luck w/ painting--can't wait to see it!

  5. Great stuff...cheerful..NOT..wish I was home in bed..

  6. I love those curtains, they are stunning!! Hope you get to feeling better!

  7. I love the "Stimulate, my arse" comment. I may have to borrow that for my husband. He's also the spending curber in our house.


  8. You could totally make those curtains with cheapo canvas and some wide ribbon!

    Who says the baby registry has to be for the baby?

  9. Mrs. L~ I've been toying w/ this idea (I remember when you did your roman shades!). Hmmm....

  10. Oooh, me! I'm an enabler! I love the drapes AND the zebra print And the keys!

    Hope you're feeling better! I had a very nice giggle at the stimulating economy comment as well! ***snort***

  11. Lovin' the zebra print against the ice blue wall idea! Now I need a room to paint, LOL.

  12. I've gotta have those keys now, FC. Thanks : )

    And, I too was contemplating those drapes. They would look divine in your MBR.

    Can't wait to see the updates in your already super fabulous office space!

  13. Aww thx everyone for the well wishes =) I'm feeling much better but my back is stil all screwed up. Ibuprofen is my friend, LOL.

  14. OMG - those vintage keys! If you find them somewhere please blog about it!


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