Maybe we'll just get another dog instead.....

Let me preface this by saying:
We're not pregnant.
We're not trying to get pregnant.
I obviously have way too much time on my hands.
Feel free to skip over this post if hearing me talk about my potential offspring is just too weird for you.

So I stumbled upon this site via one of my readers (thanks NikkiSS08!) where one can upload pictures of themselves to see what their offspring could look like and........I was curious.

Apparently, she's going to look just like Mr. FC. Where am I? Ahh, there I am in the nose.

And if it's a boy, he'll look like a wee Irish lad. He gets the Irish part from me, isn't it obvious?

Then I clicked "mixed", thinking it would mix my Asian background with his white boy-ness. Either our genetics confused it or it's database of "mixed" is limited, because this was the result (albeit she's adorable):
This little guy could grow up to be Judd Nelson's stunt double.

But the best (or worst) by far has got to be this one. I can't tell if:
1) this is a boy or girl?
2) what is that in the right hand (drum stick? chopstick? tongue depresser?)
3) that's a receding hairline?
4) this skeeves the hell out of me?

I think the moral of the story is that we should just get another dog.


  1. Haha! Those are too funny! Yup, stick to the dogs. :)

  2. ROFL!! Oh my gosh, those are hilarious!!

  3. Too Funny! I just blogged about hypothetical baby names and used the same "baby generator"

    Yours are much funnier! Maybe next time, I'll click on "mixed" and see what it pops out.

  4. A while back when Brooke Shields was doing the VW commercials, Volkswagen had a similar application on their website where you can build a "Roatan" baby. I uploaded our pictures and we seriously had the creepiest looking babies one has ever seen. The Roatan babies have moving eyes and can make faces which made it all the worse. I suggest, if you have time (which it looks like you might LOL), that you head on over there and try that too. You may never procreate LOL.

  5. LOL!!! This is the funniest thing ever! I'm too scared to try it for myself now. That VW one sounds pretty scary too!

  6. Thanks, I think I will just stick to the dogs! LMAO!

    Nikkiss08~ It was thanks to you that I found that site (I couldn't remember who it was!. I just now credited you in the post. Thx for making my day more interesting yesterda, LOL.

    Nikiniki~ Hey DecorPad buddy! I'll have to see if that VW one is still around. Ohh, this could get dangerous =)

  7. hahahahah...OMG..I'm totally going to do this! Although we might never want kids after seeing what they might come out looking like! LOOOL!!

  8. Please just get a dog. Or a cat. Or a goldfish,even. Do not get one of those bizarre looking creatures with no eyebrows. Eek!


  9. Those are hilarious! I'm too afraid to submit pictures and see what any potential children could look like for me and the hubs.

  10. Lol just for the record, you could put pictures of dogs in there and still get the same results. And I'm not calling either you or Mr. FC dogs lol, just that it literally doesn't matter what you input! :)

    If you really want to morph, grab some baby pictures of the two of you and check out Just a word of the wise, don't use current pics, otherwise you'll be scared by pics of your cross dressing husband lol!

  11. I look forward to seeing pictures of a beautiful baby FC...Im just saying....

  12. bwahahaha! I guess this software doesn't include the Asians! :( ITA! I think you guys would make beautiful baby FC!

  13. LOL! This is hilarious. Now I'm curious to see what any baby DH and I (that we are NOT going to) have are going to look like. Hee hee hee.

    I do like puppies. I always say that Petunia has my big brown eyes and Husband's big ears. Oops.

  14. I did this awhile ago and got the Judd Nelson look alike, too - elf ears and all. And from what I've seen of pics, you and I and Mr. B and your DH don't look alike. Interesting.

  15. I love the last photo. How can they have turned out so different??

    Your kids will be ADORABLE. Duh. Although I would still stick with the dog. I hear you can't stick a kid in the kennel, although it may depend on the state. ;)

  16. I'll just say one thing and that is dogs don't talk back!

  17. How much fun is that? You have us all laughing!

  18. :giggle This cracked me up!

  19. LMAO!

    JB~ Don't worry, I think we'll just get another dog and save everyone the trouble!

    Em~ That IS interesting. I mean don't you instantly think "Caucasian" when you see me? HA!

    Jesse~ You've got a very convincing point there =)

    And thanks to all who think we're capable of cute offspring--I'm keeping that hope alive!

  20. Trist!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, girl! Don't worry, you and Doug are too darn gorgeous to have freaky offspring, LOL.

  21. LMAO - yep, stick with the dog. (I'm sure your real kids will be very cute though!)

  22. LOL! I did this before... for about 3 hours, using different photos and desperately trying to come up with a result that didn't look like yoda. No luck. Apparently our offspring are doomed to look like trolls.

  23. Cute design blog but I'm hapa and we generally don't like our parents cracking race jokes to remind us how we're "different" or "special" or better yet, a "token" mongrel every two seconds. Just an FYI in case you decide to get more than a dog and don't want your child to spend a lifetime with a therapist.


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