One nightstand

Sometimes I get these creative idea spurts and I'm not gonna lie, they're occasionally wine-induced. Then when I actually carry out the project, it sometimes doesn't quite live up to my brilliant vision. If you only knew how many of my projects aren't blog-worthy and never get posted!

For example, I really love the curvy lines of my nightstand but it was a bit too rustic for our bedroom. So I took it upon myself to transform it from this..............


to THIS (pardon the nighttime shot)....................

I could have stopped at just spray painting it a glossy black, but in between glass of wine #1 and glass of wine #2, I thought the piece needed to be vamped up a notch.
So after rummaging through some old supplies, I came across these little felt filligree embellishments (with adhesive backings) from a long-ago short-lived attempt at scrapbooking (I'm far too impatient for such a hobby). After some snipping, 2 coats of leftover silver spraypaint (from a pathetic attempt at canvas art--you don't want to know), a few dabs of wood glue to ensure that these suckers weren't moving, an $8 glass knob from Anthropologie, and hello little darling.


Well......... crap, now that my awesome buzz has dissipated, I'm rethinking those silver embellishments. Still digging their whimsy but now I'm wondering if they take away from the overall piece? I'm not going to pretend like I'm some sort of sanctimonious design expert when I'm clearly not, so.............did I just fail miserably?

Is this one of those transformations where the 'before' was actually better than the 'after'? Eeek!!
What do you think, dear readers?