Possibly my most boring post ever

My apologies to you all for having to stare at that Wolverine post over the last few days. Moving on......................

Mr. FC and I are pretty different from each other.
Well, we're just different in general, but I digress. Just a few examples:

He lives for the rugged outdoors.
I sat outside once and read a book.

He's a complete pack rat.
I'm constantly editing stuff out of my life to donate, sell, or re-purpose.

He's like Pig-Pen; a cloud of dust, dirt, and clutter just follows him everywhere.
I've been known to follow guests around with the dust buster (kidding, sort of). Once, I emptied out the pockets of a pair of his jeans before washing them and found: a leaky pen, 5 paperclips, several receipts, a half-eaten granola bar, 2 Jolly Ranchers, and a marble (????).

He'd sleep on the same sheets from 2 months ago and woudn't mind.
I've been known to make our bed right right before bedtime, just so I can crawl into a freshly made bed.

He's laid-back and goes with the flow.
I live for planning and order (Don't throw me a surprise party if you still want to be my friend.)

Home decor to him: lots of wood, paraphernalia from his fraternity days, fossils and rocks (Geologists are hawt.).
Home decor to me: none of the above

His nightstand:


My nightstand:

Remember when I pulled together my master bedroom (all 4 of my readers at the time)? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I had two of those lovely stacked glass lamps flanking our bed. Then recently I entered the bedroom to see the scene above.

He apparently needed a dose of masculinity on his side of the bed, so he took it upon himself to replace the beautiful stacked glass base with the wooden base from an old lamp. I also had bought a nice grown-up nightstand for him, but he chose to go back to this old piece. He says the abundance of drawers just "speak to him".

I guess they do come in handy for when he needs to store away his Jolly Ranchers and marbles.

He of course won't let me anywhere near his nightstand.......but I'm in the process of giving my tired old nightstand a little facelift. I also have some small updates to this master bedroom of ours to share, so please stick around!!