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I can't thank you all enough for your kind, supporting comments regarding our dear friend Kirby. You all just rock my world =)

Finally getting around to anwering the second question I received in my blogiversary post from way back when:
What design style gives you the most inspiration? ~Jesse

Like most people, my design preferences are constantly evolving. I used to gravitate towards the super modern. Now I'm strongly drawn to rooms that have these elements: transitional modern + neutral color palette + a hint of French eclectic influence + a dash of glam a la Hollywood Regency. (Is there even a name for this? I definitely have what I call "decorater's ADD".) These styles inspire me to incorporate them in small doses in our home--or at least I try. Ultimately, I 've always craved clean lines, minimalism, and interesting textures.

Just for fun, allow me to cobble together the home of my dreams for you
(these are from my inspiration folder and I'm too lazy to link each photo; let me know if you'd like the source for any of these):


{living room}
{kitchen} or........

{this kitchen}

{dining room}

{powder room}
{master bedroom}

{master bath}

{guest bedroom}




Is this too much to ask?!
That was fun, thank you for the question that launched a thousand pics, Jesse! =o)
Is there a word to describe your decorating style or are you just as finicky as me?


  1. I'm just as finicky as you. I love clean lines and with that I tend to steer closer to modern design, but I find some of it too cold. It's all about mixing and matching and making it work for you.

  2. Doesn't seem like too much to ask to me ;)

  3. I have the same problem! Can't commit to any one style!

  4. OOOHHH, I love all of those esp that bathroom and of course the office! I loved the answer to that question! I seem to do the same thing, a little mix and match and definitely ever changing!

    Thanks FC, your the best!

  5. That backyard picture is totally swoonworthy. I can just imagine reclining out there on a warm day!

  6. I have the same design ADD. All I can say is THANK GOD for Craigslist. I have had 3 different coffee tables in the last 9 months.

    P.S. Your inspiration pics are to die for! Love the dining room, I have the same one saved.


  7. That is my dream nursery inspiration picture to! It's so dreamy!!!

  8. next time if you could please ask for my permission before using photos of my home. thanks;) xo

  9. LOL! Sorry, grace. I forgot these were of your home--thought they looked familiar =o). And, ahem, when I can be your next guest?

  10. Me too, me too! That pool is really calling my name!!!! ***sigh***

  11. Oh, I think your style is right in line with all of those photos. You're doing great, and a little ADD never hurt anyone. Except the pocketbook, maybe!


  12. I'm all over the place too -- I always hope that someday I will grow up and find my style. But then maybe not, what fun is that?

    I loooove the master bath and office pics...dreamy.

  13. Oh, you make me laugh! I'm scrolling through the pictures, admiring each one...and then I come to the POWDER ROOM! Entire third world countries could be housed in that space! Yep. I laughed out loud.

  14. Love all those spaces but that nursery is wow!!

  15. Love those kitchens - and that pool. Oh baby. I would call our house urban cottage - white and airy, but hopefully not shabby chic. Who knows.

  16. So inspiring! I love it all!! I'm the same way when it comes to decor. One minute I'm channeling caravan Bohemian, the next I'm feeling modern and classic. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all!! Because you inspire me so much, I would like to present you with a blogging award! Please visit my blog to accept your award!

  17. I am so dizzy from swooning over that living room, guest bedroom and office.


  18. I have to have that pool...just amazing! Great inspiration pics!

  19. Girl, that office pic makes me weak in the knees. I adore it.

  20. Ok my dear...where does that Master Bedroom pick come from? Let alone the bed...LOVE it!!

  21. Hi E!
    The MBR pic is from my new infatuation, Phoebe Howard Designs:


    If I ever get rich, I'm totally calling up Mrs. Howard to do my house =)

  22. Your style sounds very much like mine. I like a mish mash of sorts, so I guess you would call that eclectic? Lovely images!

  23. I love all the pictures that you posted.I do the same thing, I'm always adding new pictures to my collection.

  24. So many great photos! I really love the entryway, master bath, & nursery :)

  25. Wow, I think we have the same dream house! :)

  26. Woah! That office photo gave me chills... j/k, but it's pretty darn awesome!


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