Scheming: the kitchen

Remember our little kitchen?

No, we're not building a bigger one =). But I do have some updates on the agenda. And by "I", I really mean "Mr. FC". I just hover helpfully and comment when something doesn't look level.

{1. Add crown moulding to cabinets!!}
{2. Knock out a non-load bearing wall}
{3. Finally tile the backsplash with mini marble tiles}
{4. Rip out the tiny weird cabinet above stove & replace with floating shelves} --->Can anyone recommend another place to buy these besides Ikea? We won't be getting a store here for at least another year or so. I need them to hold up to 15-20 lbs each.
Urban Grace) friend Anne's kitchen renovation, I've dreamed about adding crown moulding to the top of our painted cabinets for a more custom look, at such an affordable price. And since I blog more than I actually sleep, I also have obsessed over Layla's (The Lettered Cottage) cabinet crown moulding and her fantastic use of baskets for storage (look at those chalkboard tags made by the lovely Grace!!!!). Then recently I saw the classic details the fabulously chic (and new mom!) Teresa from The Stamford Wife added to her kitchen and that was it.

Ever since I saw Erika's (

Kitchen updates, here we come.
Kitchen updates

I also have this beautiful pomegranate etsy print from the talented fioretta that I've framed
(plus a second similar one she included in my order because she's so incredibly sweet and pretty much rocks).
It's just patiently waiting for a home somewhere in our kitchen.

Stay tuned....... =)