Why do I adore blogs? They're a constant source of inspiration.

I first caught site of the fabulous homemade seafan art on Alyssa's blog. Then Suzie and the other decor divas on DecorPad created their own fantastic versions here (thanks MochaJava!) and here (thanks KEW!). And most recently, Katie framed her own authentic seafan and I was hooked. I had to have my own.

Seeing as how I live in a landlocked state, there's no hope of scoring a seafan right off the beach. Enter Suzie and her decor prowess, and I was able to purchase my own seafan through this Ebay vendor for approx $12 (shipping included) plus you can choose the exact seafan you'd like. I received it within TWO days of my order placement! Talk about efficient service!

Then it was off to Michael's to buy a shadowbox for $11 (40% off sale)
This one came with three adjustable depth options for 3D objects.

I decided to not clip the "stem" for a more natural look. The seafan I chose also has a less "spider-webby" look.

I had intended to use a linen backing, but decided to go with this textured, pearlized scrapbook paper from the craft store (68 cents!).


It's new home is in our bathroom. Wanting to add some texture & shine to the space, I pulled out these faux silver dollar sprays from a storage box that I had forgotten about. "Free" stuff--can't help but be excited.
So on one of my daily frequent trips to Target, I snapped up a bronze vase from one of their endcap clearance
displays for $3.24!!
seafan art & silver dollar sprays


I love how this adds dimension and texture, as well as tying in with our faux coral without being too "theme-y".
Compared to these pricey versions, this is definitely decor on a budget.
Which is essentially my middle name =)