Green thumb wannabe

I don't have a green thumb so this plants post is sort of laughable and possibly my 2nd most boring post ever so. Anyways.

We took a trip to a plant nursery recently and I highly recommend visiting one if you have a nursery in your vicinity! Nurseries make the plant section at Home Depot and Lowe's look like that weird relative who always falls short of the family's expectations (I'm totally referring to this one cousin I have and not myself here). Although I must admit that their succulents section is spectacular.

We walked out of our local nursery with 2 peony bushes, some Silvermounds and some Lamb's Ears. I can't help but get handsy with these as they are so soft to the touch and extremely resilient (especially for dry climates like Colorado). They seriously feel like my dog's smooshy soft ears. I had seen these in a neighbor's landscaping but it's one of our weird neighbors who I try to avoid talking to at all costs.

So since I was clueless as to what their names were (the plants, not the neighbors) upon arriving at the nursery, I asked if they had any "lush sage green plant thingies of the fuzzy persuasion". The nursery folks eyed me warily and were all "Where's security?" Kidding, but this would have been hilarious because who hires security for a plant nursery???? After they laughed with me......or at me, I'm not entirely sure.......we were led to exactly what we were looking for.

Love these for their texture and muted sage green color.



We're also installing a couple trellises (trellisi?) and planting a climbing ivy. The nursery informed us that this is called a Virginia Creeper but I think it looks suspiciously like a marijuana plant. We were assured that these grow quickly and turn a bold crimson or eggplant color, with berries, in the fall--score! So we also loaded up on some of these recreational drugs ivy plants. Once these all fill in a bit, I'll hopefully have some more exciting pics to share.



P.S. All I'm saying is if my trellis ivy turns into an illegal "cash crop" come harvest time, I'm totally not sharing the lucrative profits with the nursery. Nor am I sharing any of the harvest. That'll teach them not to lie to Freckles Chick.

P.P.S. In case any law enforcement folks are reading this, FC does not abuse drugs......just alcohol occasionally.

P.P.P.S. In case any impressionable young folks are reading this, don't be like FC, kids. Thank you and stay in school.