I got nothing.

I got nothing in terms of house related progress since we had company this weekend. So allow me to blog briefly about that and I hope I don't bore you all into a sleepy stupor.

My mother-in-law and her husband (Mr. FC's stepdad) came to visit for Mother's Day. I'm lucky enough to have wonderful, warm, and hilarious in-laws so good times were definitely had. Amazing what one can pack into 4 days: a day-long scenic train ride up to Pike's Peak (14,000 ft elevation--hello, woozy), the Farmer's Market in Boulder, a sushi lunch at Hapa, dinner and a movie in Denver, a Mother's Day brunch, a day at the Museum of Nature and Science, and dinner & dessert fondue at our house. I of course haven't uploaded any of the pictures we took and besides, do you really want to see my crooked shots of food and such?

In between these going-ons, I stepped away from family time to meet up with some girlfriends for drinks at Corridor 44, Denver's only champagne bar (no, I'm not a lush rude daughter-in-law; we had planned this before the 'rents booked their flight).
Believe me, I would not have been shy about snapping shots of the place, but Mr. FC had the camera. So hopefully these from their site will suffice. The decor was French glam, the ambiance was sultry, and the very informative waitresses wore chic skinny black pants, black camisoles, and multiple strands of pearls, knotted casually as only the French could pull off.

We shared a bottle of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige (a medium-bodied California sparkling wine) and laughed until champagne shot out of our noses. We are klassy. It was pretty much awesome. Did you know that champagne technically has to be produced in the Champagne region of France in order to claim that classification? I learned that in French class years ago. Good thing, because there was no way I was going to retain any new information after a few glasses of bubbly.

This place had me at 'sparkly chandeliers' and 'tufted'.
A gilt framed mirror, bold striped wallpaper, upholstered chairs, and (if you squint) a zebra print rug.

And if you're still awake after that exciting snapshot of my weekend, I leave you my never-fail-so-good-you-might-name-your-firstborn-child-after me simple chocolate fondue recipe:

3 bars of your favorite milk chocolate, broken into little chunks (no snob here, I use Hershey's Symphony)
1/2 cup of milk (2%)
20 large marshmallows (cut in half for better melting results)
optional: a shot of your favorite fruity liquer like Grand Marnier
{I use an electric fondue pot, but you can also prepare this in a saucepan on the stovetop and transfer it to your fondue pot.}

Set the fondue pot on low (or the "dessert" temperature setting). Combine the milk and chocolate. Stir often. When the chocolate and milk become a smooth, shiny consistency, stir in marshmallows and add a splash more milk if it's too thick. Let marshmallows melt into mixture (it's OK to step away and do other things, just make sure to give it a stir every few minutes). Once marshmallows have completely melted, turn temperature down just a bit to prevent any scorching. Serve with your choice of dippers. I use strawberries, fresh pineapple chunks, cubed poundcake, and wafer cookies.

By the way, what do you call your in-laws?
I call them by their first names but I have friends who call them 'Mom' and 'Dad'.
I just can't do that without laughing.


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend!

    I call the MIL"Mother" and the FIL by his first name. I'm really close to my MIL, but for some reason I just can't call my FIL "Dad". It's kind of weird b/c they are married so I always see them together.

  2. That fondue sound so yummy! I'm going to try it!

    I call my in-laws by their first names. I don't think I could do the mom and dad thing either .. I've got my own parents, and I love my in-laws, but it's just different.

  3. That seals it, the first little bambino I have is being named baby Freckles Chick.

    I call my in-laws by their first names. Although I occasionally just refer to them as "your parents" - when things are particularly warm and fuzzy, you know.

  4. I'm definitely going to make that fondue!

    I just call them Judy and Marc - works pretty well. I can't wait to come up with amusing names for them when we have children (way down the road). My dad called dibs on "The Grand One."

  5. What a cute place!

    I call my in-laws by their first names, too. I love them, but I don't think I could ever call them mom and dad. Too weird!

  6. I am jealous of you and that bar...thats all :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I think my friend ate at Corridor 44, and she sent me a picture of her being there that had the words "Oh, doesn't everyone have champagne for breakfast?" or something simlar painted on the walls. I thought it looked like an adorable place, and now that I know the name of it, "I want to go to there" too.


  8. Looks like you had a great weekend. That champagne bar looks amazing. They also would have gotten me right away with the tufted seats. Oh love it.

    I would normally just try to get away by not really calling them anything, but I recently started using names. I can't call them mom and dad. Too weird for me.

  9. We love fondue - I'm going to try it with marshmallows in the chocolate next time. I tried calling my m-i-l "mom" and she doesn't remember who I'm talking to, so I gave up. Now, I pretty much stand in front of them and start talking (and I've been married for 10 years)

  10. I love that little restaurant!! So sassy!!!

    I can't call my in-laws Mom and Dad. Too weird! I call them by their first names!

  11. I call my in-laws by their first names. It just doesn't feel right to call them mom and dad.

  12. I call my Father in Law "dad", but Mother in law by her first name.

  13. There's nothing I love more than Champagne or chocolate...darnit, now you have me craving champ and chocolate! I call my in-laws by their first name, too. Mom and Dad is just weird to me. I mean< I already have a mom and dad?

  14. Oh hey! I went tromping past there on Friday. It looks neat. Hubby and I will definitely have to check it out!

    I don't refer to my in-laws as mom and dad, even though they address themselves that way to me. You're right- it just feels WEIRD.

  15. I call my in-laws by their first names. I mean, I already have a mom and a dad. That would be too weird!

  16. Girl, I love all of your posts and they never let me down!

    Ahhh, love all of the tufted goodness and sparkly lights in this gorgeous space! Didn't you just want to rip out the booths and lighting and take them home and create your own little champagne bar in your home!!!!!

    I can't do Dad, either, it's just weird. Everyone calls my FIL a special Romanian nickname, I don't even know what it means!

  17. thank you for the recipe...can't wait to try it.

    I call em Mom & Dad & then Jeremy's stepmom by her first name. I guess the general concensus is that it is weird to do so...but then I do fall into that bracket quite a bit :)

  18. Oooh that place looks so nice! How fun!

    I call my ILs by their first names -- although my SIL calls them Mom and Dad so I always feel like the bastard IL. Othewell.

  19. 1. Love the French decor
    2. I need a fondue pot. One can always benefit from new methods of consuming chocolate!
    3. I call my in-laws by their first names. Although, my FIL's name is DICK so that's awkward. Usually I guess I just say "Hey" or just start talking to get his attention. LOL!

  20. You young people have endless energy! That was an action packed weekend! Loved the photos of the champagne bar. I've had 2 sets of inlaws in my life, neither of them were Mom and Dad, always first names.

  21. those white chairs are so cool like an ultra chic boudoir inspired dinner and the chandeliers wow what delicious decadence:)

  22. I love that mirror!!! And I call them by their first names... I can't seem to get on the "mom and dad" bandwagon!

  23. Only their first names for me. I already have a mom and dad so I feel weird calling them that. : )

  24. I’m passing an award to you!

    Please visit my blog to grab it. :)

    Happy Thursday, FC!!

  25. I wore a T-shirt to the top of Pike's Peak. I'm a smart one, aren't I?

    I call Jay's parents by their first names...my parents have always called their in-laws by first names too.

  26. That champagne bar sounds (and looks) amazing!

  27. I'm totally with you on the first photo - I just love chandeliers & almost anything tufted :)

  28. I also call my FIL by his first name too. Its a lot easier for me it just seems weird to call him Dad. My DH also calls my Mom by her name, she lives with us so thats pretty easy for him. We all seem to get a long pretty good, thank God.

  29. Oh yes, the champagne bar. I've spent many nights praying to the porcelain gods after several bachelorette parties there, but I never seem to learn my lesson.

  30. STOP IT!! I'm in California reading my friend's blog, laughing my ass off. We should spend more time together when in the same town, and less time together when I am on vacation.

    Of course everyone is still asleep so its fine.


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