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I really enjoyed reading how you wear the proverbial decorating pants. And the anecdotes you shared were astoundingly familiar to me--I could absolutely relate! Some were so hilarious I had to go back and read through them again whilst wiping away tears of laughter. I might have peed. Priceless.

And in the spirit of sneaking new things into the home, I think I need a capiz chandelier in our bedroom. Disguising it might require some serious skills. I will need a toothpick, a ball of twine, and 4 rubberbands to pull that one off. What's that? MacGyver called and he wants his joke back?

It's only been 3 years since I've coveted one so I think it's about time to get
this one. I figure, if I still want one after all this time, then I'd probaly not get sick of it for a few more years.

For those of you who have one, do you love yours? Pros and cons?
(Those who don't have one, please feel free to chime in!)

And because real people's homes can be so much more interesting than the ones from the glossy pages, here's serious capiz action in some blog buddies' homes.

P.S. I added a fun new widget to this old blog after having seen it on some of your blogs. On the left sidebar you'll see a "Top Commenters" box, giving a shout-out to my most frequent commenters. It also links to their blog profile and thus their blog (if they have one). What better way to spread the blog love than that? Top commenters or not, thank you all the same for reading!


  1. Chiming it to say I absolutely love the capiz chandelier in our bedroom. The only downside, due to my husband's irrational hatred for windchimes, is that we can't have the fan blowing in the direction of it...ever. He freaks out! Sometimes I do it just to annoy him though :)

  2. I love them too! They can make a tinkling sound if anything is blowing on them. I like it, but I'm not sure if it would bother me when sleeping or not.

  3. yay! i love mine. no cons that i can think of although it does occassionally rattle (not a big deal since it's in the office)...

  4. I LOVE Capiz!! This is the perfect collection of pictures!

  5. I absolutely love them! They are so elegant...we do not have one, but I am swooning for one...I would be willing to put it in my laundry room, just to have one!

  6. I love the way they look but a 1 bulb fixture is not enough light for me. I like a LOT MORE.

  7. I don't have one yet, but I will have on in my dining room soon! Can't wait!

  8. Oh I love when you put pictures of my imperfection your glam blog. Love. I LOVE my capiz. B didn't like it when I bought it (back to those proverbial pants). But then my Grandma died, and I was out of town for the funeral and he said, "Anything you need me to do while you're gone?" and I said "YES, put up the capiz please." And he did. And he's fine with it now.

    So back to your question, it's glam, beachy and fabulous. It does sound like wind chimes when we have the windows open, but we've both learned to sleep with that background noise.

  9. FC. You need this fixture. I still love ours after 3 years and that's really saying something for me! : )

    Thanks for the photo link, too. You're always the sweetest.

  10. Okay. Our contractor SAID he ordered the long one from West Elm for our staircase landing, which is in front of a window, where it would look just gorgeous. And then he said it was on backorder. And then when the due date came, it never showed up. Our contractor said he couldn't look into it...because his "laptop had been stolen." He said he'd reorder it. We still don't have it more than a year later.

    I still want it.

    I think my contractor has my capiz pendant!


  11. Where is that mirror from in Joi's entry?! LOVE it!!

  12. We've got the greenish brown capiz chandelier from West Elm hanging above our kitchen table. It's my favorite thing. Really. The light plays on it so beautifully, and it echoes the green wall of our living room right next to it.

  13. So that sounds like a resounding YES to me! Like MrsL, my concern is the lack of light it puts out...and we don't have recessed lighting in our MBR. We do have lamps and a huge window, so it could work?? It mihgt be best that I be seen in dim lighting anyway. =]

    @ kettrickfive: Thanks for dropping by! I'll ask Joi where she got that fabulous mirror.

  14. @ jbhat: Ohhh, that royally sucks, jb! Is there anything that can be done?! What a jerk that contractor is, I'm so sorry. =[

  15. your photos are so beautiful

  16. Wow - that is one popular light! Love it, you need it, the end.

  17. I have the West Elm capiz chandelier in my front living room and I LOVE IT. And you will too. You might even pee a little once you install it. They're that great.

  18. Sadly, I do not own one, but remember coveting one from West Elm over 3 years ago. I'm with you, maybe it's time?!?

  19. I love it too and am dying to put one in my future office/craft room but am worried about only have one bulb. Keep us updated if it enough light because like you I have been pining over it for over a year!

  20. I spotted a seafoam colored one the other day that I am so tempted to buy to put in a nursery IF I ever have a girl. Yeah, I'm crazy I know. I'm sure that idea will go REAL well with the husband.

  21. My parents inherited a long, three-light fixture from my dad's missionary parents way-back-when. I loved it as a child... seemed so exotic. The only downside was packing it to move.

  22. Is it sad that I automatically wanted to be the top commentor. Man this competitive side is vicious. :)

  23. I don't know how I missed Joi's entry way, but it's stunning!

  24. I have also been lusting over capiz lighting. Don't have any though. I'll live vicariously through you girls!

    BTW, thanks for the luv on decorpad, now if I could figure out how to get involved in the chats with out screwing it all up! =)

  25. I bought the whiteish one from west elm 2 years ago, we can't hang it now because we rent. But I loved it so much, and it was on such good sale, that I bought it. It is still in the box under the guest bed. My husband wasn't has thrilled as me. Oh, well :)

  26. Hey FC. That mirror was from Ashley Furniture about a year and a half ago. It was less than $30!!! Hope that helps. : )

  27. I love love love that light fixture. You NEED it. :) (and if you decide you don't like it send it my way)

  28. Oooh I love the smokey capiz! Either way you can't go wrong. And I agree, if you love something for so long, its time to give in :)

  29. You should definitely get the pendant :) I love the pics - especially Teresa's office & Katie's dressing room.

  30. I still love mine! WooHoo!

    Chanting: "I'm #1, I'm #1.... HeHe! :)

  31. I don't have a capiz chandelier but I looooove all things capiz! I have a large, capiz candle-holder in our Master Bedroom that guests always ooh and ahh over.

    I think you should definitely go for the hanging pendant you found - it's gorgeous and such a steal! :)

  32. I love the capiz! I need to figure out how to re-wire myself so I can start replacing all our standard apartment lighting with much cooler stuff.

  33. What a fabulous collection of capiz photos. I love the 'real homes' shots too! The glossy pages make me feel that that kind of decor styling is unattainable. I don't have a capiz, but I've been seriously thinking about it.

  34. Oooh, LOVE the new "top commenters" widget, and am THRILLED to be included in the list. WooHOO!!

  35. Hey! Check out Sherry & John's light figure in their bedroom at younghouselove.com! They're actually friends of the Bowers of All Bower Power who's dressing room you have posted on this entry!

  36. I love, love, LOVE these lamps! I have been wanting one extremely bad too. I almost bought one for our kitchen, to hang over the sink - think about how much more fun dishes would be. We instead went with the vibe of the room vs. my desired light fixture. But you're right if you still desire this thing - you will love it for many more years! To me they seem timeless :)

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