Just a snippet

This always happens.

Whenever we install/buy/replace something in our house, my eyes start to wonder to the other elements in the room. The ones that suddenly seem shabby or tired next to the new item in my eyes. Living with me must suck, because I get restless and have this innate need to shift things around. Once, Mr. FC couldn't find his boxers because I had swapped my drawers for his (drawers as in dresser, not underwear....well that was confusing). Don't ask me why. It just felt right. Now you know that he prefers boxers and that was an overshare. Awesome.

So, ever since I made the new linen headboard for our master bedroom, I've had the urge to give the room a small facelift. Nothing too drastic, no HUGE changes, just a shifting around of some things, some streamlining and some new elements (budget-friendly of course) to revitalize the space a bit.

I don't quite have the room put together yet (I got lazy on Sunday, plus The Devil Wears Prada was on TV, helloooo.....so I watched it twice) but here's a snippet.................

pretty trellis (the knock-off version because I'm cheap)
a $10 curvy find all made-over a new bedside companion

More to come.........Let's hope I can pull this room together before I lose interest and forget which room I'm doing. =]