We are in the throes of a couple projects here in the Freckles Chick household, so I don't have any blogworthy material to post about yet. Sorry!

While these 'in the works' posts marinate in my draft box, I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask you all: Do you have any questions for me? I realize that I tend to keep things light and humorous around here.....I promise I'm not some vapid decor junkie. I thoroughly love when other bloggers do a question and answer post; it's like they've thrown open the windows of their lives for me to peek into for just a bit. Does that make me a blog stalker? ::creepy, raspy voice:: I love you, bloggersssss.

So please, come on in, have a glass of vodka-spiked lemonade (this is the Freckles Chick house after all), and feel free to ask me anything. Absolutely anything. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Tonon question mark chairs