We went camping for our anniversary, just to get away from it all. Unfortunately I have no interesting pics except for this one of Hiro on the drive there.
Just look at his ear hair wafting in the wind (Hiro's ear hair, not Mr. FC's).
Pure joy, panting with anticipation, and practically falling out of the window.
How do dogs always know they're heading somewhere fun just by smelling the air?

I can relate. I look pretty much the same way when I'm in the car, on my way to a decor store.


  1. Oh how cute is Hiro!!!! I love him! I'm sure you guys had an amazing time. Jon is still trying to get my try out camping, but I fear I am little too much like Phyliss Nefler for the wilderness.

    Have a great 4th of July!

  2. Just one question...who took this picture?!?

    My dog does the same thing. Sometimes I think he knows how to open the window himself!

    Have a great trip!

  3. I love this shot.I am picturing you on the hood of the car, snapping away.

    Happy anniversary. I remember receiving a gorgeous PBarn chandelier from my husband for our 5th anniversary. It was just perfect.


  4. You are too funny! Hiro is so cute! My dog goes nuts whenever he thinks we're going somewhere....!!!

  5. haha, me too! its the best feeling, isnt it?

  6. Heh! The Husband held the camera out the window, pointing backwards at the dog, then snapped a pic and hoped for the best.

    It took 8 tries. We now have 3 pics of the road and 4 of the sky.

    He also almost dropped the camera once, going 40 mph around a curve in the canyon. AWESOME.

  7. adorable! Hope you have a wonderful getaway!

    PS--love the new blog header! Very pretty!

  8. Good shot! He seriously looks human with lots and lots of hair! Aww, the joy on his face makes me giddy! :)

    Umm, Is he wearing a red sweater?

  9. No, LOL!! No red sweater, heh! Although as you know from my past posts, he does love sweaters.

    No, that red blob is his doggy camp bed that he had smashed up against the back of Mr. FC's seat during all the excitement and anticipation. =]

    Now that you mention it, that's all I can see...Hiro wearing a red sweater.

  10. As many times as I've seen it, I just love it when I'm driving & see a dog with his head out of a car window - so cute & they always look so happy.

  11. LOL! I act the same way on the way to a decor store without kids! Glad to hear you did something relaxing for your anni! Hope you have a fun 4th!

  12. That is so cute. Although, I really wanna see the pic of you one the way to a store. K?

  13. Awh! Love this pic! Dogs are the greatest...they remind us to treasure the simple things in life!! :-)

  14. Ohhh Hiro. So excited. Love the idea of a doggy camp bed - is that a pillow you designated for camping, or can I buy this shiznat?


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