Ecofriendly chic

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May I brag about my town for just a bit?
Now I know there are blogs out there that preach about green living like they invented it, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more "green living" town than mine. Having lived here for almost a decade, it's not uncommon on any given day to yield to a "herd" of bicyclists or see a home that was built using primarily green materials. Pick any given month and renewable energy projects are cropping up a plenty. Roam a neighborhood on trash pick-up day and you'll spot recycle and compost bins keeping the trash bins company (provided by the city for our convenience) in front of people's homes. Throw in an environmental geologist husband in my case and suffice it to say, eco-friendly living and products have become second nature to us!

Well guess how stoked I was when I recently stumbled upon
Bright and Bold, a chic online boutique with fantastic ecofriendly eye candy. Why hello there ecofriendly chic! You all know my heart positively pitter-patters at the sight of eye-catching designs.

I lingered longingly over their versatile Envirosax selection. I actually already own a few (they're like a chic handbag or black heels; you can never have too many, right?) and have been using them for over a year now for quick grocery trips, for work, as a beach bag, hauling clothes to drop off at donation centers, you name it. Once, I kept track of every occasion where I used a reusable Envirosax instead of a disposable plastic or paper bag and the would-be final tally would have made Mother Earth punish me. Seriously, she would have grounded me for weeks.

Another item that sent my heart into overdrive are these
ecofriendly water bottles. I could seriously snap up one of these for each day of the week, just to stare at their fun graphic prints. Be still my heart! They're reusable, resilient (I've held one in real life and they are so lightweight), and fully functional when you need to quench your thirst on the go (includes a strong carabiner clip and additional free #5 polypropylene sports cap). The only thing better than the whimsical designs is that they are all BPA free--score! Plastic bottles marinating in landfills for eternity are so last year.

Guess what? The friendly folks over at Bright and Bold would like to spread the ecofriendly love! They generously offered to sponsor a giveaway of one of their Green Bottle brand stainless reusable bottles to a lucky reader (winner's choice of design). Quenching your thirst never looked more chic. Mother Earth would totally approve.

Additionally, they are also offering all of you lovely readers a 15% exclusive coupon that can be used toward your entire order from their website, and all orders enjoy free same day shipping with no minimum purchase requirements! Valid through July 31; coupon code: FRECKLES .

To enter:
1. Simply leave a comment telling me how you live green and what is your favorite item from Bright and Bold's ecofriendly boutique. ------------->
Edit: Please be respectful of each other's opinions. Also, please keep an open mind and do not use this post to push your own beliefs. Thank you.
2. One entry per reader please. Please enter by Wednesday, July 29, 5 pm MST.
3. I will select the winner by using a random number generating site. The winner's name will be posted on Thursday, July 30.