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Work is kicking my arse and unfortunately my blog has taken a backseat. Have I ever mentioned that Mr. FC and I also have a small consulting business we operate during any free chance we get? While we're thrilled it's booming especially in this economy, between it and my day job, I'm just trying to keep my head above water.

There are a lot of projects on the home front, but they're mostly exterior stuff. Which, quite honestly, I have little interest in. That's more Mr. FC's territory. We are getting new windows installed, the rotting trim replaced and the whole darn facade's finally getting painted. We've also chopped down a tree and are replacing the front gate. The exterior of our house has been frightening for a while now. Last year, we bought 2 ginormous bags of candy for Halloween but none of the kiddos stopped at our house. I'm pretty sure it was because our house looks haunted. Which you'd think would be tempting, being Halloween and all.

You know what eles is scary? My social calendar is currently packed (weddings, hosting 2 showers, birthdays, reunions, visitors, oh my) which is making me suspicious as I'm a self-declared homebody. This might have to do with this one time a couple of weeks ago when I met some friends for Happy Hour............and that's all I can remember, but I must have been entertaining. If you were there and know what I did, I'd appreciate a recap. Or at least send me the keywords so I can search for the video on YouTube. Awesome.

All jokes aside, I've been snagging about 4 hrs of sleep a night for the past few months, and I have a mug of coffee perma-glued to my hand (Yeesh, and I wonder how I will ever manage little kiddos when the time comes!). I haven't been able to read your blogs on a regular basis which makes me sad. My blog has been neglected which makes me sheepish. There have been times where the thought has crossed my mind to "retire" my blog, but I'd miss you all too much so perish the thought. I think I'm just suffering from blog fatigue. Do you ever experience that?

So there's the update on me. I know, cry me a river, right? Thanks for letting a tired FC ramble.
You all are more compassionate listeners than some of my real life friends, LOL.
I hope to be back soon with somewhat interesting posts, projects, and random musings.

Ugh!! I just re-read this post and am I a whiny little blogger or what?! There are people out there with much bigger issues than my measly ones. Sorry about that. Thanks for your kind words of support; you all are the best. =]


  1. I totally get blog fatigue sometimes - I think its pretty common.

    If you are only getting 4 hours of sleep, you shouldn't even be typing this.

    Do what you gotta do and come back when you are feeling inspired again. We'll be here.

  2. Don't quit on us!!!! I would miss you too much! You probably just need to take a little break and get some sleep! :)

  3. No retiring, FC! We'll wait it out!

    ; )

    And, a consulting business...that's awesome.

    Miss you but have fun rocking all of those fun social gatherings and events!

  4. Right there with ya sista. My blog sucks lately. It's summer. Have a great one and enjoy everything. I think everyone has less time to blog or read them.

  5. Don't you dare use the 'R' word!

    I agree with pp, it's summer, we're all at the same point to some degree!

    Just come back to us. :)

  6. My blog has been on the back burner as well. It's summertime and whoever said the living was easy was lying. It's been a crazy, busy, hectic summer.

  7. Hold your tongue missy! I think everyone has been close to "retiring" at some point but just hang in there, we'll be here when you've got the time & energy to make us giggle. And I'll continue to visit your page even though I know you haven't updated...wishful thinking I suppose:)

  8. On the one hand, I'm so glad to hear you're so busy with work and consulting because that means business is good, but on the other hand, only 4 hours of sleep is bad. Take some time for yourself, recharge your batteries, we'll all be here when you get back.

  9. At least you have a social calendar, mine consists of trips to Target hauling all 3 kids along with. Woot Woot!

    Enjoy your summer!

  10. Hang in there, and don't retire the the blog.

  11. I would miss you so much. You complete me...

    Wait... that sounded strange. Forget I said that. And, forget about the fact that I would drive to Colorado and stalk you if you didn't blog anymore.

    Wait.... forget I said that.

    I have blog fatigue sometimes, but it's mostly because I feel that there is nothing worth writing about. I just take short breaks and eventually come around.

    I hope things begin to get back to normal and you begin to get more sleep (sheesh... 4 hours?)

  12. Oh, dear, blog fatigue, you're singing my song sister. Don't you worry. All of your fans will be waiting patiently for your witty banter.

    Oh, and before you know it, Halloween will be here, so I vote you just leave the front alone, and add some spooky music. :-)

    Now go take a nap, girl.

  13. First off, don't you dare retire. I just discovered you. And that's worth it's weight in gold.

    Secondly, take some time off if you need to. LIke everyone said, summer= constant social stimuli.

    When you feel inspired, we will be here. Until then, I've got all your other posts to catch up on ;)


  14. Take a break - I'll still be here when you get back!

  15. I get burnt out on my blog often, and I know how real life gets in the way. Good luck with all you have to do and we'll miss you while you are gone.

  16. I hear ya!

    Sounds like you do need a break! Take some time off to pamper yourself! We'll always be here when you get back!

  17. I don't have a blog, but love yours and hope that you don't give it up. But yes, a break or a decline in posting sounds like it's in order. None of us will mind.

    Maybe solicit some guest posters? I've seen that. Unless everyone else is too overwhelmed too.



  18. I'm right there with ya -- working 19 hour days, weekends. Awesome.

    I hope you catch a break soon! :hug

  19. There seems to be alot of people with blog fatigue. I totally understand as do others. Do you!

  20. FC! We love you! Don't quit! But do take a guilt-free blog hiatus! It's much deserved and we'll love you just as much when you return. :)

  21. I totally understand how you feel! Dont worry, we will all be here when you come back to give us some funny updates on whats going on, my google reader wont change :)


    Blog fatigue definitely happens, though. I haven't had a severe bout of it (yet) but I can feel it starting at times, lurking off in the distance and threatening to take over. I just threaten it with one of my ninja karate chops to make it cower. Cower, blog fatigue! Cower!

    As soon as your schedule slows down, we reeeeally need to get together. I need to make my annual pilgrimage up to the Boulder area to get my rings cleaned by my jeweler and to raid the Doc Popcorn stand at the Flatirons Crossings mall. A-hem. Let me know. *taps foot*

  23. our lives are parallel! i feel your pain!

    don't burn out!

  24. I hate it that the summer months are so full that we don't have time to just relax and enjoy it!


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