Wednesday Randoms

A tiny brain dump of some things bouncing around in my head.
You know, so I can make room for other things.

{ gilded }
I love everything about this.

{genius }

Anthropologie store decor via Anh-Minh. Add legs to a vintage suitcase & voila you have a table!

{ giggle }
You know, just when you thought I was getting too mature up in here, I go and poke fun (pun intended) at these.

P.S. Total coincidence that I ran across these pics in the same day. I don't just sit around googling "interiors with nude statues". That only happens after a lot of wine.

P.P.S. I'm pretty sure this is THE classiest post I've ever written. If I had actually written a post about that one time I was so tired that I forgot to put a bra on before leaving the house, then that would have been the classiest post ever. So this post should consider itself lucky.

Update: Because I am stuck on another conference call, I thought I'd point out that the best worst part about the statue in the last photo is that the, ahem, "boys", would totally be at eye level once you sat down. Hello! At least you're sitting on that gorgeous sofa upholstered in lovely David Hicks fabric.

*interior design pics courtesy of Desire to Inspire


  1. OMG. I've totally done that! I mean, accidentally left the house sans bra. Not sit around all day Googling "interiors with nude statues".

    Although I did just realize what my living room is missing and what would be the perfect piece de resistance for my pictures. *runs*

    *Butthead laughs*

  2. I've left the house without my bra on before too! The BEST part was that it happened the day I had my first interview for the job I have now!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? I guess I was so nervous that I completely forgot! And I didn't even realize it until I got home from my interview and went to change out of my 'power suit' and realized I was missing an extra layer of clothing. Whoops!

    But hey - I got the job :) Don't think I'll be telling my coworkers that story any time soon. My secret is safe with you though, right? Right?

  3. I totally laugh/snorted when I saw the naked dude. Hello, my name is LizzieBeth and I'm a 12 year old boy.

    PS.. Is my computer acting funky, or did you post this twice?


  4. LOL! I've done the whole leave the house without my bray too! HeHe!

  5. There's actually a "d" before the "n" in Wednesday.

  6. Yeesh, please excuse the typos! I think I just set the record for typos in 1 post. I also spelled Anthropologie wrong. Plus posting this TWICE (thx lizzie beth).Note to self: do not write a post and sit on a conference call simultaneously. And drink hard liquor during it.

    Thx Anonymous for pointing out that I forgot the "d" in Wednesday. Or did I? I guess you'll never know if I actually thought there was no "d" in Wednesday. If I made more typos, would you comment more? =]

    I've got to stop drinking at work.

  7. @ Chloe: Me too! But not the bra thing, instead I do the nude statues thing. Heh. You're AWESOME.

    @ Tiffany: I've missed you!! And LOL so hard I spit coffee. Forgetting to wear a bra is like the best interviewing tip EVER. I'm so proud of you. =]

  8. I try to go braless whenever possible. I blame Boulder. And my upbringing as a swimmer. Modesty and body issues are no issue when you parade around in a swimsuit from the age of 4 - 24. Middle school swim team was a bitch, though.

    Love the images you posted.

  9. Um, also, could you put the "d" in wednesday after the "n". Just to be different? I'm not a stickler for correct spellings, so I say mix it up.

  10. hell to tha naw on the last ones!

  11. I don't think I could have a nude statue in my house. It would be too distracting. Like when someone doesn't have a bra on... you JUST CAN'T STOP LOOKIN

  12. Thanks for the snorts (I mean laughs . . .)!

  13. Why not just hire a real nude man to stand there. Then, when you're not home, he could clean the house too. I'm sure it would cost about the same. (If you're into that sort of thing.)

    And Wow, Yes, totally genius about the suitcase on legs.

  14. You are cracking me up about the boys being eye level!!

  15. I left my house one day with a very see through bra on and a very see through shirt on so the girls were showing but to make matters even better it was 1:30 before I noticed and I was at a conference for prosecutors. Gasp. But I think I would totally be distracted in those rooms. I wouldn't be able to carry on a conversation.

  16. phew that made me laugh, which in the middle of moving out of my apt, taking a 5 minute break to play online, getting a laugh in was definitely good thing. naked people, teehee.

  17. That first photo makes my heart flutter! : )

  18. Love the suitcase 'table' at Anthropologie - they usually have some really great dispplays :)

  19. Very sweet... and beautiful place you have here!
    Christina :)


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