Back to reality

~ Our weekend in a nutshell (or if you prefer, "The FC's get ridiculous") ~

Attended a wedding in Vail where we stayed at a charming mountain chalet here :

And saw these dear friends of ours get married.
I am kicking myself for not getting better shots of J's couture dress & her stunning flower-feather-hair-thingy:

The reception site where ridiculous indulgent behavior and hilarity ensued:

And where Freckles Chick was often found doing this (and apparently could do with some teeth-whitening):

What FC also learned this past weekend:
8,150 ft elevation + open bar = really happy/boisterous wedding guests

Exhibit A: The FC's after a few refreshments:

Exhibit B (sorry about the red-eye): These lushes imbibed more martinis, champagne, and vodka tonics than we care to admit. We are not proud of this.
At least one of us misplaced a stiletto, her pride, and/or her husband. Sweet.

And we promptly embraced my ethnicity & of always being the Token Asian Girl by making fun of it.
We lovingly compare the pic above to that game
"One of these things is not like the other...."


OK, now I'll stop posting pics of random people you don't know, but I will say that we had THE most fabulous time and I may still be recovering from the festivities. Work is crazy and is getting in the way of my recovery. Will return with home-related blog topics soon!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, too!

Note: I really don't drink much excessively, contrary to popular belief (and the constant references to it in my posts). Thought I'd throw that out there, you know, in case any of you were contemplating an "intervention" of sorts. Just thought I'd save you the extra work. Hey, you're welcome, don't mention it. =]