Hairy little bastard

{ I wonder how many questionable google searches will lead people to this post's title. }


What you see above is why:

1. I can't have any beloved white furniture.

2. We need a Flowbee.

3. A Hiro tumbleweed (i.e., a fluffy, downy accumulation of shed Hiro hair that will sometimes drift by if you're at our house) stopped conversation at our last dinner party.

4. We tip the groomer generously. And also give her a huge bonus during the holidays.

5. I have to vacuum every other day.

6. If you're dining with us, you should probably check your food before you eat it. Uh, no reason, just sayin'. Why don't you eat your food and we'll tell you?

7. He was turned down for the role of Mr. Bigglesworth.

8. We still love the bejeezus out of him.

You could seriously knit a sweater out of this shiznit.

{ Pssst, if you take a look behind Hiro, you'll see what our house has been up to in the last few weeks.
I hope to share more soon. }