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Sara (Russet Street Reno), Angela (Fixing It Fancy), Jeannine (Small & Chic in Cville), Mrs. Limestone, Queen of Remodel, and Sarah (White Blossom) have awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award and LizzieBeth has bestowed upon me the One Lovely Blog Award!! My apologies to these fantastic & inspiring gals because I'm weeks behind in fullfilling my responsibilities. I'm usually so bad at following thru with this sort of thing, it's a wonder I ever get nominated at all. What a fun honor and opportunity though!

The rules:
* Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
* Share “10 Honest Things” about myself.
* Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have inspired me.
* Tell those 7 people they’ve been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving.

Prepare yourselves for the honesty (sprinkled w/ humor) that is FC.
1. I recently realized that I always offer to watch our friends' dog(s) but never offer to watch our friends' human babies. ::::staring down at my uterus:::: Maternal urges, are you in there?

2. I don't understand the ikat craze. I just can't get into it. To me, it looks like an error.....like someone left painted fabric out in the rain and now it's gone all streaky. Like overpriced tie-dye.
3. I rarely watch TV, unless it's a particularly important event or football game my alma mater is playing. I'd say I watch about 3 hrs of TV max in any given week.

4. I've attended 3 fantastically chic (and large) weddings in the last 2 months. And at each one, this sentimental thought crossed my mind: I wonder who here might be harboring the Swine Flu?

5. I wish there was a sarcasm font.

6. I am 75% Chinese, 25% Vietnamese and was born in Singapore (moved to the States when I was two). And sadly, I have never been to visit any of these countries. I'd rather spend my money on my dream trip to Europe. How shameful is that?

7. I always encourage Mr. FC to hang out with his dude friends (not that he needs it; dude's got more friends than I've got throw pillows). I don't think it's healthy to only spend time with your significant other. It's good for a relationship to spend some time apart. On that note, you should totally watch
this movie (hilarious & the home decor is enticing):
8. I get up at 5:30 am and fall asleep on the couch at about 9:00 pm. Wild Freckles Chick.

9. I abhor smokers and will not hesitate to show my disdain. In college (before most restaurants & bars went smoke-free), I'd bring a mini bottle of Febreze to mist all over myself (and anyone in the vicinity who was interested).

10. I'm almost 31 yrs old and still get carded. I wish I look my age. At one of the previously mentioned weddings, someone said I look 21. It might have been the enthusiasm & vigor with which I was consuming my drinks, but that's neither here nor there.

{ { { A lot of you have already been nominated which makes this a teensy bit easier. Still, with all the amazing blogs out there, it pains me to narrow it down, but here they are.
I hope you have a chance to visit these lovely blogs for they are truly inspiring! } } }

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  1. I'm not going to lie. I think you and I could be roommates and never, ever fight. We are like like... soulmates. I'm packing as we speak. Febreeze, check. Bottle of vino, check. Second and third bottle of vino, check check.

    Although, I'm no Chinese, Vietnamese nor have I been to Singapore. Will you hold it against me?

  2. Wow, I've just discovered your blog recently (like, yesterday!) and we have soooooo much in common!
    The getting up at 5:30 and asleep by 9:00pm made me laugh because I do the same! Congrats on the award!

    I work with several Chinese/Vietnamese people as well, and they've recounted their trips abroad. You should take a trip! I have a good friend teaching in Vietnam right now and he says that it is incredible.

  3. Add me to the list of Smoke Abhorrers- while I was back in South Dakota, I was literally crawling under the table at a really nice restaurant because their smoking ban is currently being contested in court- meaning people can puff away at the bar a mere 10 feet away from where I'm trying to chow down my super expensive food.


    Smoking is a right (*rolls eyes*), but being able to eat my food without it tasting like a cigarette butt is my right, too. I am so happy we now have smoking bans, and I am saying this even with a dad who is a lifetime, smokes-a-pack-a-day smoker.

    Also, thanks for the award! Yay. The swine flu thing totally made me LOL.

  4. @ Kim: LMAO! We can always say that crates & crates of vino & Febreze brought us together.

    And I won't hold your whiteness against you. Besides my looks, I'm no more Asian than you are. HA!!

  5. @ RLS: Welcome! I've so enjoyed reading your comments--they make my day. =] I know, I SHOULD make an effort to travel back there. My parents/friends who've been there have nothing but praise for those countries!!

    @ Chloe: AMEN, sister! My dad picked up smoking (when he was in the military) and though he never smoked in front of us, it still worries me. For the health of the smoker & the rest of us!

  6. So with you on ikat. I don't get it at all. (I also don't get wicker or indoor house trees...so I thought it was just one of those things I was alone in)

  7. We are the same person. Well, except I am not ethnic at ALL. And I watch alot of tv to dull the pain of failed DIY projects. Otherwise, I am your white girl counterpart. I hate smoke(ers), hate Ikat, 30 years old and get carded all the time, stockpile Febreze, questionable maternal instinct, etc. Oh, and WI goes smoke-free on July 5, 2010! Woot

  8. Your 10 things totally crack me up!! Congrats on the award!!

  9. I seriously cracked up at #1. Like REALLY cracked up. ;) Thanks so much for the shout of of our blog! I'm blushing!

  10. Thanks so much FC! I totally encourage my hubby to be out and about also, although more for selfish reason. Like I get by myself time. ;)

    And in the bathroom, we are replacing the surround with the tile. We have a window in the shower to deal with. FUN! Thanks again girl!

  11. LOL! Love it all! Number 4 is hilarious!

  12. I think these are fun to do. (I haven't done one but I have read some) Be thankful that you still get carded! At 41, they don't card you anymore and they call you ma'am. Depending on where you live though.

  13. i had a bunch of referrals from your site yesterday, so I had to see what the dealio was - thanks for the shout out! i'm 25 and still always get carded as well. I guess we'll be loving this when we're 80? we'll see.

  14. thanks for the honest and funny thoughts. I hate smokers and I do the same things when I am at areas with large crowds. I wonder who here has the swine flu.

  15. You are one funny gal! Thanks for putting me on your list, I feel so special :)

  16. OMG, yes! A sacrasm font would be wonderful, lol! Great idea!

    I don't get the whole ikat thing either. NMS.

  17. I love peeking into your blog, and #7 SO true- my husband and I were distracted the whole movie with the decor, it was a good mix of our tastes- though I was over the yellows. I need to see it again!


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