More adventures with nailhead trim

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marked by kindness and courtesy; marked by tact and delicacy; characterized by charm, good taste, generosity of spirit

kind·ness \ˈkīn(d)-nəs\ (n.):
the quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic

An enormous thank you to everyone who left a comment about our updated house exterior. I will never cease to be honored (and so excited) that you take the time out of your busy lives to leave such sweet, thoughtful, and encouraging words about our work-in-progress home. We are beyond flattered--we're dazed and amazed by your generous compliments! Thank you, readers!!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program................
Remember my search for upholstered dining room chairs here and here? I only needed two (one for each end of the table) to break up the "matchi-/heaviness" of the old chairs we already have.

Through a series of serendipitous clicks late one night, I happened upon these. I haven't been near a Sears in at least a decade! What better time than after a long day of work, in freezing temps, and with a reluctant husband in tow?

Cushy & comfy? Check (our bums are sighing with relief--ooh, talk about imagery......). Tantalizing tufting & turned legs? Check. Curvy camelback? Check. Lovely quality linen? Check. At $99, how could I complain? While Mr. FC was enthralled by the array of shiny hi-def flat panel TV's, I got rung up while he was conveniently distracted busy.
As always, my photos do not capture the true beauty of these guys. The linen's a nice & nubby texture.

I'll eventually paint the turned legs a satin black to match our dining room table. Meanwhile, I wanted to put a "custom" spin on them; thank goodness I've got yards & yards of nailhead trim left over from this project (again, thank you Em for turning me onto this little secret--if we ever meet, I'll totally be on your beer pong team). So while Mr. FC laboriously raked the copious amounts of leaves in our yard, I discreetly drifted away and attached nailhead trim to the chairs instead. I know........ FC = helpful wife.

Don't they sort of look like the love child of Colette & Martine? And "custom" without having to wait weeks and weeks for the upholsterer/furniture store nor having to hand over half of my paycheck. Sorry, but I'm cheap when it comes to certain things.
That's probably why the dining room is so slooooowly coming together.
More to come!
Update: As mentioned in my headboard post (see link above) and this post's comments section, the nailhead trim can be found at most fabric stores, in their furniture upholstery section (mine are from Joann Fabrics).
Hope that helps!