I won!

Once in a while, you encounter someone who simply exudes exceptional style and positive vibes. I first "met" Lynett on my favorite design forum. It was soon apparent that she doesn't just have an eye for style--she positively effervesces it. She's like the Alka Seltzer of Style. Add to this her DIY skills (sewing to name one of many), her sense of humor & wit, love of Twilight (I'll fight you for Edward), and her all-around class..........well, a part of me sort of hates her for being so freaking cool/adorable and another part of me is all "Lynett, where have you been all my life?!"

Imagine my sheer excitement when I found out I won one of her creations during her recent blog giveaway! I am the lucky recipient of a table runner made especially for me in an oh-so-chic trellis fabric.

Here's hers, which I just HAD to show since I absolutely love how she accessorized.
I hope you find the chance to pop on over to One Love to check out her fabulous blog.
Believe me, it is a source of endless inspiration!

When Mr. Fed Ex guy came to our door, I ripped the box out of his hands, winked at him (he's kind of hot), then tore open the package. I was so consumed with excitement that I didn't even take the time to smooth out any wrinkles. Pardon my pictures; they don't do this gorgeous runner justice!

THANK YOU, Lynn!!!!
It's gorgeous and perfect. I can't thank you enough for this stylish piece.
I'm one step closer to pulling this room together!