Sports, snow, and a sofa

I'd like to blame my lack of blogging last week on the Olympics. Between being glued to the coverage of the Games, wondering who made Curling an Olympic sport, and questioning the plaid uniforms of the U.S. Snowboarding you can imagine, it made for a really stressful week.

Truth be told, last week could be summed up in these words: work and snow. Is there a state out there that hasn't been insanely blanketed with the stuff? Hawaii? Anyway, we took a much-needed break from working on the house. Mr. FC took advantage of the fluffy flakes and took off for Breckenridge for a day of epic snowboarding. I don't do well in snow so I happily snuggled in at home with Cabernet, a book, and the dog. It was also epic.

But before the week was over, we left Room & Board with our wallets a bit lighter due to this purchase:

Not in white of course (I wish). The Hairy Bastard won't allow it. He gets a white sofa dirty just by breathing on it. He also seems to think any cushy furniture we bring home was meant for him to sleep on.

"I'm sort of hairy."

So we chose this more practical smokey-taupe color. This swatch does not do it justice!
You can't quite see it but there's a subtle sheen to the fibers and they're not quite as "nubby" in real life.

We'd exhausted every furniture store in the Denver area looking for a new sofa but kept drifting back to Room & Board. They really had the best quality/options for the price (the sales people were very helpful). I originally loved this one but the dimensions weren't right for the look we're envisioning. Enter the André which met our requirements:
1. tight back/supportive? check. (My back will be so grateful.)
2. firm yet comfortable? check.
3. low profile arms/style? check.
4. loooong? check. (Both of us can lay lengthwise on it at the same time. Whoa.)

It's 101 inches long to be exact. On paper, it looks a bit of a monster but the streamlined style hardly makes it look that enormous in real life. Let's hope we'll feel the same way when it's delivered in May. Of course, the fabric I gravitated towards turned out to be the most expensive grade they offer. Yikes. Sorry, Mr. FC.

He kept muttering "A happy wife is a happy life....." as I flipped thru fabric samples and I was all "Did you say something?" and he was all "No."

It was, like, the best week ever.

Hope you had a a lovely weekend!


  1. haha, love the husband's comments. That's what mine says when I spend hours at Target and Good Will.

    That new couch is FABULOUS! I love the color you chose, and the streamlined shape is perfection. My husband is 6'2", so we have yet to find a sofa that fits us both. Maybe our search is finally over! :)

  2. great new sofa!!

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing about the US Snow Baords Team 'Unifrom' it looked like retro gear, and not in a good way

  3. I LOVE the sofa. It's perfection. Of course. You don't do anything that isn't perfection in my eyes. It's a bit of a stalker-complex I have. I apologize for the late night drive-bys.

  4. Love.the.sofa. I agree the white would have been divine, but I feel your pain about having to be practical with furry friends running around. You should tell Mr. FC that..."I am just being practical"

  5. Let Mr. FC know he will be using that matra the rest of his life.

    My parents (well into their 60s) are currently revamp the living/ dinig space of their house. After a trip to Ethan Allens, you could hear my father chanting, "Happy Wife, Happy Life".

    Love the sofa. Super chic, as always.


  6. Ooohh, you are lucky to have a hubby who helps out with big, big decisions. Mine has no idea just how much our new rug cost...

  7. Funny, my husband often says the same thing! I am drooling over that sofa! Of course they could send me just about anything from Room & Board and I would be happy!

  8. Fabulous sofa - I'm sure it will be worth the wait! It's crazy how our pets affect so many of our decisions, huh?!

    I've been glued to the Olympics too.... yes, even curling.

  9. LOVE the new sofa. That Room and Board is a tough one to get out of without a light wallet. Worth every penny though, I say.

    Cannot wait to see it in your house. Cannot freaking wait.

  10. When can I come over and drink wine with you? I love the way you tell a story....I can envision it perfectly. LOVE the sofa! Heck any time I am in Chicago I must pay homage to it. Only once has Mr. B EVER come with me and I believe that will also be the last time. I was under the impression if I stayed there long enough he would buy me something.

    BTW...I think your dog and my cat come from the same breed of hair craziness. Atticus only has to look at a sofa or chair and the tumbleweeds of fur start rolling in.

    Can not wait to see how your perfect a perfect sofa. :)


  11. I love your new sofa! I cant wait to see it in your place!

    ps. im having a pillow giveaway on my blog it would look pretty cute on that new sofa :)

  12. Oh, girl. I miss you and your wit.

    That's one heck of a sofa that's going to look perfect in your cute home.

  13. great sofa..i am sooo jelly...i really neeeddddd one.

  14. love the new sofa!

    and toally with you on curling- it seems more like a leisure activity than a sport. and it's on ALL THE TIME.

  15. ooo i looove this. Room and Board is the best and this sofa is certainly no exception. Can't wait to see the yummy taupe color you picked!

  16. What a gorgeous choice. And good for Mr. FC. "And I was all... and he was all..." Well done, both of you.


  17. I love that sofa and LOVE that hairy boy! I hope your dog's hair doesn't do the crazy-unexplainable-magical thing that my dog's hair does, which is to actually weave itself into the furniture. Seriously. I think while we're away he threads it onto a needle and sews it into the couch. Crafty little bastard!

  18. P.S. Just thought I'd let you know that I gave your blog the "Happy Award" in my post today! Feel free to share the joy :)

  19. That sofa is DA BOMB YO! No really, it's one rather attractive sofa if I say so myself. I want one please and thanks! And I love the fabric you chose. You and your perfect sense of decorating style you.


  20. It's a beauty AND size does matter! :) So glad you've finally found the perfect sofa!

    Oooh, of course it's Hiro's sofa! It's Hiro's world and we're just lucky to live in it.

  21. Love the sofa and your hairy bastard is too cute! I went back and read all about him. I love a dog that wants to keep the house clean!

  22. We tried breaking our lab from getting up on the sofa, and if we're around she stays off. But if she's not right under my feet and we go looking for her she's spread the entire length of the couch with her head on the armrest like a pillow!

    And I love the Happy Wife is a Happy Life mantra. I think it's what keeps my husband from throttling me as I constantly change my mind about this or that!

  23. I have two hairy, well, bitches, so I feel ya. My sofas are all dirt-colored. I dream of a white linen sofa...

    I also feel your back pain. Out of all the sofas we have, only one doesn't kill my back.

    Thanks for linking to my insane project and for visiting my blog.


  24. Oohhh, I LOVE your new sofa!!! Good choice :)

  25. Hi Freckles,
    Did your sofa arrive? We are looking at the 101" Andre too and can't decide if it will be too big in our den or not. I lOVE the way it looks in that really long proportion. The next size down is not too bad either.
    No account... so I am anonymous today.


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