They're heeeere......

...........and I love every one of those darling horses. Thanks to our friend Ben for capturing such a lovely scene and for ordering the giant canvas. Besides his mad photog skills, he's a stellar guy which is why we love him (his wife Sara's pretty sweet too). I swear I'm not saying that just to suck up to his sister-in-law Anna so I can shamelessly invite myself to a Lonny Mag shoot. Who said that.

{ Here's a before from a different angle on the day we closed on the house. }

If you're sick of seeing Foo dogs in interior d├ęcor, I've totally got some. I'm Asian, so just pretend that these are more of a cultural statement than a style one. (I could also whip out my Domino book if that makes you feel more comfortable. Incidentally, Anna, mentioned above, used to shoot for Domino. Look at that, we've come full circle.)

When I told my Chinese mother that I found Foo (more accurately Fu) dogs, she said "Good, they keep the evil spirits out. Keep them by your front door like guardians."  What. 
Aw, they're so ugly they're endearing; they're uglearing.

Our mid century mod credenza is also uglearing. It was a Craig's List find from last year, is in impeccable condition, and is from 1959. Maybe I'll paint it one day but for now we're digging the retro Mad Men look of it, so if it's not your style and if you ever visit, just avert your eyes from its uglearing-ness.

Trying out a different vignette: books.
Hmmmm, things look a bit out of scale here with the credenza.
I swear that canvas photo is HUGE, it's just this thing is freakishly looooong. {twss}

Hiro's not amused.