Come on over (closet makeover)!

I'm guest blogging today over at A Brooklyn Limestone In Progress as part of Mrs. Limestone's Favorite Nook series.
I hope you'll join me as I share my closet revamp!

Have a charming Thursday!
Updated March 2010: Below is my closet with some small updates.  To read the original post, click here.

 I tackled my sad little closet back in January 2010 as one of my New Year's resolutions. This was the pathetic state it was in, pretty much from the time we moved in (3 years ago). Embarassing.

What we did....................

Because my closet is miniscule, we took advantage of vertical storage options (thank goodness Mr. FC has his own closet in a separate room that serves as our home office). I asked him to install a 2nd shelf above the exisiting one that came with the closet when we bought the house. And being totally whipped the saint that he is, Mr. FC obliged. He used a shelf from Home Depot (they sell shelves that come with a rounded edge which gives them a more finished look) that cost a mere $7, as well as wood scraps (remnants from other house projects that he simply miter-cut accordingly) to fashion "bolsters" to attach the shelf to studs in the wall. Sturdy enough to hold my so-called junk, indeed.

I stepped in to prime and paint the shelf with leftover white paint. Throw in a trip to the Container Store for storage containers, Target for shoe shelves and a mirror, HomeGoods for fancy/non-slip hangers (Target also sells "finger clips" as hanger add-ons to hang skirts & such), and my basement for miscellaneous items----voila!

You won't find any fancy shelving systems here; just simple/easily-assembled storage solutions.
{ Note: I have a small dresser that houses everything else that I couldn't cram into this space and the rest went into the donations pile. }


Isn't there a rule that says grown women shouldn't wear headbands? Pish-posh.

{See below for details on headband holder.}

This odd thing was tucked away in my basement (Pier 1 clearance $4.98). Pinecone? Artichoke? Asparagus tip? After two coats of semi-gloss white spraypaint, I'm excited to report that it now resembles, uh, a giant Q-tip. Awesome. Makes a lovely hat stand though.


I usually put my money towards our fixer-upper house projects, so it was nice to whip this closet into shape for me. This nook is a small extension of myself; it's organized chaos if I ever saw it. =0]

Budget breakdown:
velvet non-slip hangers: $25 (TJ Maxx)
"finger clips" for skirts, strapless dresses/tops: $9 ($3 x 3, Target)
Closetmaid shoe shelves: $30 ($10 x 3,Target) ---> there are four pictured, but I already owned one from years ago

extra shelf: $7 (Home Depot)
storage containers: $20 (Container Store; already had 2 boxes, got 2 more)
hat stand: $5

headband holder: $7 ( Container Store; added a strip of adhesive felt to keep headbands in place)
total: ~ $103


  1. Your favorite little corner of your home was bonkers!! LOVED IT.

  2. I am popping over from BL to say that I LOVE your closet! It gives me hope for mine. And is it weird that I want to see more of your gray sweater collection, because I do! And there ain't no shame in having a scarf addiction--necks get cold, too.

  3. I died a thousand deaths.


    1. Hangers.
    2. Grey collection.
    3. Headbands!!!
    4. Silver bag.
    5. Scarf hooks (I'm sooo doing this. NOW)

  4. I wanted to comment here too. I loved that. I too am swooning, and wishing that I could call in sick today--so that I can go shopping for new clothes and scarves and shoes and stuff to put them on in my own closet.


  5. Fun, fun- going to check it out now!

  6. I absolutely loved your closet. I cannot believe how beautiful it is. And I agree with all of the other readers,you have a wonderful style. I love how you made everything in it, your clothes, jewelry, and even your shoes "decorate" for you. I wish I could have you come do my entire house. Especially my laundry room, I want it to be inspiring.

  7. Yay! Congrats! Off to check it out!

  8. GASP! I am in love with your little nook! You never, ever disappoint me and I am going to raid your closet! AMAZING!

  9. THANK YOU dear readers, from the bottom of my heart. Not only for your wonderfully kind words but also for taking the time to comment here, too!! Also, a hearty welcome to those who popped over from Brooklyn Limestone!!

    @ A Brick Cottage: I'm so happy you dropped by. Isn't grey lovely? It's the new black (wasn't navy the new black not too long ago?) I do believe we may be grey sweater soulmates. =]

  10. It's the Easter break here already..I had plans to clean the kitchen and the bathroom. No way...I'm headed to my wardrobe to try and emulate...bowing down in adoration of yours first though!! I love a new blog discovery...although I suspect I'm a bit late to the party...I'm a stayer though!!

  11. Your closet makes me weak in the knees! Such a great job, I'm so envious!!!!

  12. Your closet is fantastic! I love your boxes, especially the black & cream one. And all your shoes are gorgeous! Wow! :)

  13. I saw it and loved it! Your wardrobe is fabulous, FC.

  14. I love your closet, it is a small jewel of prettiness! Amazing what some containers and fuzzy hangers can do. Oh, and amazing design sense. And extra storage. And a white artichoke-thingy. Love it!

  15. Loving your closet.

    Also I made me REALLY want to shoe shop. Where do you get your cute shoes?

  16. much is a ticket from Boulder to Louisville? Next can come over and help me with my closet. It is in NEED!!! Your closet is Carrie-esq. :)


  17. I love what you did with your closet!

  18. Your made over closet looks so chic and organized! I love it! What an inspiration. There is no way I could make my current closet look in any way attractive, but you have seriously inspired me and I hope my next closet has a bit more room to utilize in such a fashion. I really love the shelf/shoe rack and the way you organized your jewelry and scarves. It feels like a little corner of some hip boutique!

  19. look no further! i've got your back....|4|1||10|moss%20wreath||0&cm_src=SCH

    two words: free shipping!

  20. Freckles Chick,
    Love your closet redo! I have been following your blog for a long time and you never disappoint!
    I know this is a boring question but...would you provide a link to the shelves you got at Target? The one you have your shoes lined up on?

  21. @ Eryn: Thanks so much for being a long-time reader!! You are so kind!

    Sure thing (not a boring question at all)! I can't find the shelves I bought listed on the Target website but most of their stores do carry them. They're the white Closetmaid stackable shelves ($9.99/each). Very easy to assemble (took me about 10 minutes, seriously). Apparently Home Depot carries them too, here's a link:

    Hope that helps!

  22. Congrats on the feature! I love Mrs. L's website, but I am OBSESSED with your closet! My heart skips a beat for incredible organization! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  23. Not sure how I got here but I did and I'm loving it! I just finished my coat closet, please check it out!

    My Coat Closet

    I'm also about to tackle our bedroom closet so yours serves as major motivation.

    Great job!

  24. You've inspired me to fix up my own closet. Yours looks awesome! Great job! I LOVE the mirror by your jewelry. It's perfect closet size.

  25. Seriously late in seeing this closet redo (obviously) but am currently looking for ideas for re-doing my own closet. You have such wonderful ideas, I just KNEW you wouldn't disappoint. =) I stumbled across your blog a few months ago, and I absolutely love your style, your humor, and your adorable little Monchichi. ;)

    Just one question... how do you only have 50 hangers in your entire closet?!

  26. @ NelnPipsMom: Aww, thx so much, you are too kind! And thx for loving our Monchichi! =]

    As for the 50 hangers.....what can I say, I'm a minimalist when it comes to my house & my clothes (there's also a dresser not pictured where I keep more stuff).

    If I buy something new, I take something out to donate. I can't stand having tons of clothes when I mostly wear the same 4 pieces repeatedly anyway, ha! Edit, edit, edit is my mantra.


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