::crickets chirping, tumbleweed rolls by::

.......and it seems that the awkward silence has made a reappearance. =] Life is very good, albeit busy.

(Oh look, it's me. No, not really. Love this photo but sadly can't recall the source. I only know that's a Chesley McLaren dress.)

* Mr. FC & I have wrapped up a busy season of consulting work (in addition to our day jobs, I assist him with his burgeoning enviro consulting company). It's exhausting but so rewarding. Though I threaten to quit on a weekly basis and he threatens to mail my W2 to the wrong address. This must be love.

* Two weekends ago, I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for a coworker/friend (sorry, I was too harried to snap pics). Bouquets of graceful tulips, endearing guests, a glowing mother-to-be, and gourmet cupcakes.....there's few things sweeter.

(L to R: red velvet, coconut, strawberry milkshake)

* May seems to be the social butterfly month thus far. Graduations, parties, weddings, oh my. Last weekend, we hosted a farewell party for our dear friends, where homemade margaritas and wonderful company scintillated our souls (you know they're good when tequila-kissed citrus zest tickle your tastebuds; your magical recipe rocks our world, Adriane). Scott, Adriane, Lili, & Ari: we are going to miss you more than words can say. We love you!


* We're soon heading to a wedding in Chicago (it'll be a big fraternity brothers reunion of sorts for Mr. FC; I'm just along for the open bar fun). We'll be kicking it here, hitting up the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum, and eating alot. A lawt. Especially hoping to dine at this restaurant, this one, maybe this one, (thanks for the recs, Suzie!) and of course, here for Chicago style pizza. Wonderful readers, do you have any additional recommendations (food/sites) for our stay on the Magnificent Mile? Much appreciated!

If you're still awake after reading that, awesome. I'll be back in the blogging swing of things soon.
On the horizon: the new sofa (we love it), a dining room makeover, and two brilliant giveaways.
Thanks for your patience as I take this mini break.
I hope all is well in your world!!!!