::crickets chirping, tumbleweed rolls by::

.......and it seems that the awkward silence has made a reappearance. =] Life is very good, albeit busy.

(Oh look, it's me. No, not really. Love this photo but sadly can't recall the source. I only know that's a Chesley McLaren dress.)

* Mr. FC & I have wrapped up a busy season of consulting work (in addition to our day jobs, I assist him with his burgeoning enviro consulting company). It's exhausting but so rewarding. Though I threaten to quit on a weekly basis and he threatens to mail my W2 to the wrong address. This must be love.

* Two weekends ago, I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for a coworker/friend (sorry, I was too harried to snap pics). Bouquets of graceful tulips, endearing guests, a glowing mother-to-be, and gourmet cupcakes.....there's few things sweeter.

(L to R: red velvet, coconut, strawberry milkshake)

* May seems to be the social butterfly month thus far. Graduations, parties, weddings, oh my. Last weekend, we hosted a farewell party for our dear friends, where homemade margaritas and wonderful company scintillated our souls (you know they're good when tequila-kissed citrus zest tickle your tastebuds; your magical recipe rocks our world, Adriane). Scott, Adriane, Lili, & Ari: we are going to miss you more than words can say. We love you!


* We're soon heading to a wedding in Chicago (it'll be a big fraternity brothers reunion of sorts for Mr. FC; I'm just along for the open bar fun). We'll be kicking it here, hitting up the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum, and eating alot. A lawt. Especially hoping to dine at this restaurant, this one, maybe this one, (thanks for the recs, Suzie!) and of course, here for Chicago style pizza. Wonderful readers, do you have any additional recommendations (food/sites) for our stay on the Magnificent Mile? Much appreciated!

If you're still awake after reading that, awesome. I'll be back in the blogging swing of things soon.
On the horizon: the new sofa (we love it), a dining room makeover, and two brilliant giveaways.
Thanks for your patience as I take this mini break.
I hope all is well in your world!!!!


  1. Look at you and all your fabulousness. I worked across the street from Tee&Cakes when it opened. I blame that place for the 5 pounds I put on after the wedding.

    Have a fabulous trip! I've never been so I have no tips for you, but I"m jealous!

  2. Great to see you! I completely know how it is balancing life and blogging (hence why my blog has totally gone down the drawn this past year). Just know that we're here reading whenever you're able to write a little post.

    Do I SO relate to the frat reunion/wedding situation...almost every wedding we go it is like that these days. Can we say "Old School"??


    *taps foot*

    Also, I must hit up Tee and Cakes. It's been on my "To Do" list for a year now, shame shame shame. :(

  4. Looks like you've been having tons of fun!

  5. Well, well....glad to see your so busy!!!!! Have fun and catch ya later ;)

  6. Can't wait to see the dining room!

  7. Sounds like you have been a busy girl! Glad to hear your doing great! Take care, looking forward to all of your upcoming goodies! =)

  8. Horraaayyyy!!! It's the return of FC!

    We've missed you ;)


  9. Have fun. We have lived here in Chicago for almost a year now. And I first have to say that we like giordanos for the Chicago style pizza. Much better. Also one of our favorite resturants is Weber Grill. A resturant owned by Weber grills and they cook everything on them. It is really good. Another one if you like homemade Italian is Rosebud on Rush. REALLY good. Have fun!

    Also the locals shop on State street.

  10. Check out Quartino. It's just a couple blocks off of Michigan Ave and they have the BEST cheese fondue (among other things). Yum.

  11. You are so popular....you make me sick. :) haha....you know I love you. Have fun with your lovely social itinerary. Yes...I am jealous...so no worries if I live thru you. Which means....take the camera with you. :)


  12. SHUT UP! I did a post on Raffaello last December, it is a great place to stay! You will love it.


    I also second 'Rosebud' for Italian, the homemade pasta 'sheets' are amazing! Also, if you feel like singing along old school, check out The Redhead Piano Bar on Ontario. Tons of fun and within walking distance from the Raffaello!


  13. We live in Chicago and I have to agree with an earlier post - do Giordano's for your dose of Chicago pizza - you won't be sorry!

    Definitely do Japonais, it's unbelievably yummy, I suggest the tasting (mix both sushi and cooked items).

    If you would be interested in tapas I recommend cafe babareeba, it's so delish and their sangria is amazing!

    And if you want some amazing cupcakes, check out sweet mandy b's! It's decorated like a cute fifties joint with pink and yellows and black and white and they make the absolute best cupcakes!

    The latter two are both in Lincoln Park which is only about a 10 minute cab ride from your hotel - it's a great place to walk around - lots of adorable old homes and architecture to see! Hope this helps, enjoy your trip!

  14. Thanks for the update. Have fun on your trip. Can't wait to see the d-room.


  15. You are quite the busy lady! Enjoy your trip to Chi-town! I'll be waiting here (awkwardly) for you to get back..

  16. I love chicago! Gino's is good. I know there is a lot great places but can't think of the names- check the food network website- they've profiled them on a few different shows. They have a great aquamarine too. Enjoy!

  17. Being busy is so much better than being bored! Life sounds exciting for you right now! Can't wait to read your posts later.

  18. Sounds like fun, girl! Have fun in Chicago---I love that place! : )

    Too bad you can't swing by the StL on your way back and Suzie, You, and I could meet up!

  19. Have fun! I live in chicago too and agree with all of the restaurant recs so far. I'd add mk to that list; It's at 868 N. Franklin (short cab ride; in west River North) and is one of the best meals I've had since moving here ~4 yrs ago. Hubs took me here for anniversary & Valentine's Day. (Not crazy expensive or anything). Park Grille in Millenium Park (on Mich Ave between Randolph and Monroe) is also a great sit-down lunch spot. Around the corner in Grant Park (connected to Millenium Park) is a put-put golf that serves beer & food....

  20. Have a great time in Chicago! If you want really get a good sense of all the pizza Chicago has to offer, today's Groupon is for a Chicago Style Pizza tour! Sounds pretty cool, I will probably pick one up myself. http://www.groupon.com/r/uu41920

  21. If you get a chance while out in Chicago for breakfast or lunch ... this is a must!


  22. You are a busy girl! I guess it is becoming wedding season because I've also had many weddings and, consequently, baby showers to go to! Travel safely!
    Lila Ferraro
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  23. Yay! You are gonna lurve it! :) Make sure you eat extra for me! :)

  24. We have eaten at Le Colonial twice in Manhattan. LOVE!

  25. Yay Chicago, lived here for 26 yrs and I still think its one of the best cities, if you have time def try to take the architectural river cruise, it does both the east and west river and a little on the lake its a really great way to see chicago and learn about the history from a different perspective. Also try and go to the top of sears tower (willis tower now, ugh pains me to write that) and take a look from the skydeck its worth the effort on a clear day, otherwise you can go up to the Hancock and look out over the city from there too. And if you wanna hunt down some treasures, definitely go to Edgewater antique mall or Broadway Antique mall

    Hope you have a great time and our weather clears up by then.

  26. Come and see me before you leave for some inspiration!

    It can be so hard to balance life in all of its shapes and forms!!

    Art by Karena

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