Weekend and a winner

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was relaxing and spent well, hopefully with loved ones! My dad served in the military, and we often muse about how it's easy to forget that this long weekend goes beyond BBQ's and leisure activities. It's important to acknowledge those who gave their lives for our freedom so that we can carry on the way we do. We always do our best to remember that.

Our weekend kicked off with a yard sale (long overdue). All in all, it was pretty successful; our priority was to unload things we no longer needed rather than make money (though that was an added perk). It always amazes me how one person's "trash" can be someone else's "treasure". Also, it was nice to see that others delighted in some of my old decor stuff. One sassy lady even whispered to me that our yard sale was (verbatim) fantastic and the others were poo.

Mr. FC put out a box of his old shoes labeled FREE, just in case someone could use them. Lo and behold, a young couple excitedly scooped up a pair, telling us that their "pygmy goat loves the challenge of gnawing shoelaces off old shoes". I always say, if at the end of the day we've made at least one pygmy goat happy, I can sleep well.

Hello. You know you want my hawt yard sale outfit.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyway, on to more interesting things.
The winner of this mini rug from Rugs USA is........... Kim! Check out her fun blog, Most Likely to Spontaneously Combust (best title ever). Kim, please email me at freckleschick4 at yahoo dot com with your shipping address.
Enjoy your new rug!! Congrats!! =]

Thank you to all for participating!
A special thank you to the folks over at Rugs USA for sponsoring this great giveaway.
Don't forget to check out their extensive rug collection!


  1. Ha! I want a pygmy goat!

    Mister really wants a donkey someday, so I tell him he can have a donkey when I get a goat...

  2. Ha! The thought of the goats made me laugh!


  3. Did you screen in your porch? It looks different from when I normally troll by your neighborhood.... ;)

    Looks like you had a great weekend. glad you unloaded your loot and made a pygmy goat happy. All in a day's work.

  4. Is that your living room couch for sale? Does that mean we get a post on a living room makeover?

  5. i am impressed you maintained a beautiful smile while hosting a yard sale. glad it went well for you and for the pygmy goat!

  6. Was that shot before or after? There's still some good stuff there!


  7. You know I've got a pygmy goat that could have used Mr. FCs shoes, I just don't blog about him because it would make people jealous. Thanks for the heads-up :).

    But anyway your house looks freaking phenomenal - the paint job makes me weak in the knees. And you are adorable, even if you don't have a pygmy goat sidekick.

  8. Oooh, you are so cute. Everytime I see your house I get excited--best makeover ever. : )

  9. LOL! You made the goat's day! That is so funny!

    You and the house look fantastic! :)

  10. Something tells me your "trash" is pretty awesome. Not that I rumage through your cans at night-- that is totally a raccoon... um... yeah..

    Anyway, I have those same Target stools. I think it's a law in some states you have to buy them with your first home.


  11. Hey!! Yay, can't believe I won! I am super excited for the rug!!

  12. Yay for pygmy goats!!!!

    @ Kim: Well, this is why we must keep missing each other b/c when you drive by my house repeatedly....I'm out driving by your house....repeatedly. (That window area is our weird atrium/bay window thingie!)

    @ Grace: Good eye, girl! Sofa update coming soon.

    @ jbhat: This pic was taken midway thru the sale & I was sweating profusely by that time b/c so many people had come by all at once! Seconds after the photo, the sofa & bar stools sold!

  13. Ooh, it's always nice not being poo like the others. :) I need to get my butt in gear and have a yard sale!

  14. Looks like a fabulous garage sale:)

  15. Hold the phone!!! You were in Chicago??? That is only 6 hrs from me! UGH!!!!! I would have driven up just for drinks. :) Promise me you will "clue" me in the next time you are ever near the Louisville area. :)



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