Rehydrated and rejuvenated


I'm back from Napa/Sonoma, properly rehydrated and recovering from the debauchery. My abs are sore from laughing so hard every single minute and I've finally fully regained my voice. I was never in a sorority but I think I got a good glimpse of that lifestyle on this trip.

I am so thankful to have spent such quality time with these amazing women. One could not have asked for a more talented, hilarious, genuine, strong, beautiful bunch of women. All in all, a phenomenal time! Slowly shuffling back to normalcy. Though the other day, I did have a sudden urge to "swirl" my glass of water to admire its "legs".........

Thank you for taking the time to leave such hilarious comments on my pre-trip post! I read them after a fabulous day of wine tasting and it made me wish I had fellow bloggers on our trip!

Hands down the best comment EVER: Oh Anonymous. Thanks for the laugh whether that was your intention or not.
I'm naming my first child after you.

In other news, I'm turning my attention to the basement bathroom. Once it's framed out and drywalled by the contractor, we'll be able to get our hands on it. Our intentions for the space down there is for it to be a guest ensuite (in theory), albeit small. Classic. Clean. Minimalism. I'm coveting these pedestal sinks (storage won't be an issue as there will be a recessed medicine cabinet and a linen closet). I love how they toe the line between classic (the sink/basin) and modern (the chrome legs). While the pricetags aren't too bad, I'm not entirely stoked by their $$$$.

Any strong opinions towards these?
Has anyone seen a similar vanity look for less? Thanks so much for your help!

It's great to be back! Really. =]


  1. Ooh can't wait to see what you do with the 'en suite'!

  2. I love both of those vanities, and haven't seen anything similar but will keep my eyes peeled. And I formally request to be Baby Anonymous's godmother. I buy good presents - usually monogrammed ones. Baby Anonymous Freckles Chick - I can picture the tote bag now.

  3. I've love this style of sink. I'd like to use these when we build. My husband will need sinks that are wheelchair accessible and these sinks don't have that "I'm for handicaps" look. Very stylish.

  4. Both are lovely in the right space!

    I do think the first is overpriced. I think the second is a bit high, but not worth killing your time shopping over.

    I've had a lot of luck with bathroom design places doing close outs lately. Maybe check your local showrooms? I wouldn't be surprised if you could score something similar for around $500. Also maybe give Ebay a shot?

    I'm excited to see what you do with your bathroom since I've got a few I'm getting ready to finesse. Keep the inspiration coming!


  5. Welcome back, girl! Glad you had fun--girltime is the best. : )

    Um, I am beyond excited to see this little basement project of yours and I am loving those vanities!

  6. Welcome back!!! Sounds like you had a great time. I'm leaving for my California (well, San Diego) trip tomorrow! Eee!

    Those sinks are gorgeous. And if you wanted to diy on the cheap, you could just buy a chrome-legged table and get a basin sink for the top?

  7. Looove those sinks! If I were redoing a bathroom, that is definitely the way I would go.

  8. these sinks are great however the metal legs bring concerns to me as in time when you mope or get water on it, would it rust?

  9. Your anonymous comment made me laugh out loud. I may have to use it as my desktop header. ;)

    I want to be supportive of your sink table thingy. I really love your style and I'm sure if anyone could pull it off, it would be you. But I Dislike them. With a capital D. They look unfinished to me. Like... "I bought this lovely sink, but then I ran out of money, so I had to use these shiny pipes to hold it up..."

    Maybe I'm behind the times, and if you love it GO FOR IT! And I'll slice myself a big fat slice of humble pie. Yum... ;)

  10. LOL!

    Oooh, gorgeous. Have not seen a L4L for this, but I will definitely keep an eye out. I know it's gonna be stunning.

  11. Glad to hear you had such a fantastic time in Napa.
    Those sink are beautiful!!! BTW, I have a giveaway going on today so come on over and check out my blog

  12. @ anhesty: Ooh, good call!! I'll have to look into that b/c that would SUCK. Maybe they're more like chrome faucets where they're plated or something so they don't rust? I definitely have to do my research!

    @ Mrs.5C: Thank YOU for being honest, S! I hear you loud & clear. The funny thing is I used to think the same exact thing about this style! Somewhere along the way I started to like them.....but they're definitely not for everyone. More of an acquired taste maybe? Like having kids? Ha!

  13. The anonymous commenter kills me. Thank goodness he/she let you know that. The knowledge abounds on the Web, doesn't it?

    Adore the sinks. Both of them. I'm trying to talk Ryan into a pedestal sink in our half-bath, but I like these even better.

  14. Welcome back! Glad to know you're alive and kicking! I can imagine what fun you had!

    A for the sinks- they're outrageous! Get it-please!!!

  15. That's a hilarious comment! And she's totally right! A trip with girlfriends to Sonoma...can't think of anything better right now!

  16. Freckles!!! Long time but I'm back on the blogging scene:) I'm so glad so see you are still blogging and I LOVE those sinks! I am working on our basement bathroom as we speak and I think since our space is so small this would look perfect for us too! I hope there is a look for less out there!!!

  17. Love them both. Check out decor planet and csn.
    I am leaning towards the bottom.
    Looks clean and not too fussy.

  18. I've got this one: and absolutely love it. Very sleek. Lemme know if you have any questions.

  19. Oh i do love the top photo with the shiny chrome against the dull grey walls...yummy!


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