chinoiserie (chi·noi·serie): A style reflecting Chinese influence or Asian motifs through use of elaborate decoration and intricate patterns. Literally translated from French as "Chinese-esque," this style of decorative art was especially popular in the mid-18th century. 

I am in love with chinoiserie.  I can thank my mother for this. 
Storytime........When most kids were likely having OJ, pancakes, and sausage links for breakfast, my mother served us café au lait, jam-smeared baguette, and delicate Chinese dumplings.

I was already a weird kid and my mother didn't help matters.

She was raised in a country where remnants of French colonial rule were still visible in the architecture and culture; and in a family where British colonial influence still showed up in the form of afternoon tea.  It wasn't extraordinary to have Vietnamese tea and spring rolls alongside flaky, buttery croissants as my afterschool snack.  Nor was it strange to devour milky, foamy French coffee and savory Chinese dumplings for breakfast.  I was a ten yr old kid sipping so-called growth-stunting coffee (but at 5'5, I'm gargantuan in comparison to other women in my family).
There is still a triptych in my mother's foyer depicting the Indochine countryside, dotted with various scenes (inlaid with mother of pearl, gold leaf, and lacquered to a fine shine).  The Asian version of toile, if you will.  Flanking her front stoop are a pair of dutiful alabaster Foo dogs, forever leering at the neighbors. She still has a slippery coverlet on her bed, displaying an embroidered cacophany of peonies, branches, and birds, not unlike this famed wallpaper:
Mom knew what she was doing and still does.  Don't get me started on the big ass gilded Buddha in her entryway's alcove. 

(I swear, I'm going somewhere with this.)

  It's no wonder that I was instantly infatuated when I stumbled upon Chinoiserie Chic.  Echoes of my childhood home and a flood of fun décor memories ensued.
Click on over for the onslaught of eye candy:

Further affirmation that some of us inevitably return to our roots, in some way or another.
And you?  Has your childhood home and/or family influenced your décor style?