Inception, deception, and an impulse buy

Sorry, but I don't have much to report that's home-related. We had another round of houseguests over this past weekend (my wonderful mother-in-law and her equally wonderful husband) and it's always fun to act like tourists & see our city through an out-of-towner's eyes.

Together, we saw
Inception this past weekend. Have you seen it yet? love. Love. LOVE'D IT! I'm not much of a sci-fi/psychological/action movie person nor a huge fan of Leo D but this movie blew us all away! The underlying love story was a nice touch, but the special effects and impeccable casting were the real stars. Seriously, go see it. It will astound you.

I am not an impulse shopper. An item has to have a designated place before I actually decide to buy it. But I couldn't help snapping up this sunburst at Home Goods ($30). Photobucket

Do I really need another sunburst mirror? Probably not. It reminds me of this room by Phoebe Howard and I really can't part with it. Don't worry, I'll get Mr. FC nice and drunk before I sneak it into the house, then I'll be all "What, that thing? It's been there a while. Remember, you were with me when I bought it." He'll give me the side-eye and mutter, "I'm pretty sure that thing's new.......but I'm sorta drunk.......maybe I was there when she bought it."

Harmless deception. This is why our marriage works.

Also, just thought I'd share some light summer reading currently by my bedside. I read to help me fall asleep so, though it took me a couple months, I just finished
these books by Sarah Addison Allen. I'm completely charmed by her work. Her novels sort of balance precariously between light summer reading, moody short stories, and.......well, a culinary magazine. Reading her books will make you hungry, I promise. It's certainly not heavy stuff by any means but it's not fluffy chick lit either. I love her writing more for the fact that her characters are real and flawed, yet there's a whimsical "Southern superstition and magic" laced into her stories.

Any good movies/books/impulse buys you've encountered this summer?


  1. Love that mirror! I would have snatched it up too!!

    Your flowers are so pretty as well!

  2. Oh my gosh I love that room by Phoebe Howard! Such a lived-in hotel feel!

    We loved Inception too. I think we talked about it afterward for as long as we spent watching it!

    I haven't been reading much this summer, and I have soo many books on my list. I just picked up A Reliable Wife. I've heard its great.

  3. you know you having me wanting to head to home goods now. i love the sunburst mirror that you found. been looking for something just like that for my bedroom actually. looks great!

  4. Love the mirror FC! For sure I would've snagged it up. I'm sure you can find a place for it!

    I just finished The Help and it was unbelievable. I'm now reading Brining Home The Birkin :) Way cute!

  5. Ah! I just bought that same mirror at my TJ Maxx. My boyfriend wasn't impressed.

    BF: What is that?
    Me: A $30 sunburst mirror
    BF: Don't you already have one of those?
    Me: Yes, but this one is wood.
    BF: How many more bursty mirrors do you need?
    Me: {mumbling} a lot more if I keep finding them for $30
    BF: Where are you gonna put it?
    Me: I don't know
    BF: So why did you get it then?
    Me: {staring in disbelief} Clearly you don't get it

  6. I want a sunburst mirror in the worst way, but the hubs keeps talking me out of it. He has this fear that it will come tumbling down and stab us in our bed.

    I said honey, our sex life ain't THAT good ;)


  7. Whoa, I love that mirror.

    See, I'm the kind of girl who would tell Andrew I bought it straight up, and he'd be all, "Why didn't you just get me hammered and sneak it into the house?" Perhaps I should pay attention to your tactics...


  8. @Jen-LOL! such a funny convo. Love it!

    @FC-I need to see this Inception movie. I'm not a movie fan in general but everyone is talking about it!

    Oh, and your starburst...I think it's lovely!

  9. Love the mirror! It's superawesomefabaliscious!

    My most recent impulse buy was a Michael Kors leather jacket at TJMaxx, then I walked out of the store and it was 102 degrees outside. Rude.

    I love books were you can see the flaws, but still love the character. I may have to put these on my Amazon list!

  10. Just finished reading The Help and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I loved both.

  11. Your like my new best friend, I've read those books over and over, garden spells always makes me feel warm, oh and good idea using alcohol as a sneaking things in toolamabob

  12. Hahaha, I just do the old, "What? You haven't seen this before? It's been in my closet forever! It's been on the wall forever! I can't believe you haven't noticed!"

    I've done great so far, the only problem is that now I'm feeling too bold and fearless and I don't think he'll believe me when I say that we've alwaaaays had three chihuahuas instead of two, and he obviously just hasn't paid close attention.


  13. Cracking up! I have a Home Goods closet of things I've snuck into the house...and didn't really need. So far I have a mirror, two lamps, and a pair of foo dogs.

  14. I just bought the same mirror at HomeGoods in a different finish! I will have to add these books to my list - thanks!

  15. Love the mirror (and impulse buys!) And I cannot wait to see Inception..... it's just so hard to find the time!

  16. Nice mirror! I can't say the same for INCEPTION...I thought it was so bad i left the theatre in the middle of it.

  17. I have seen that mirror as well, I thought about buying it but didn't know where I would put it. Good buy!

  18. I saw your mirror at our TJ Maxx yesterday and thought of you! I am thinking of going back to get in tomorrow. Hopefully it is still there!

  19. Thx for the book recs, ladies!!

    @ Jen: My goodness, that convo--I have SO been there! =]

    @ LB: Bwahahahahaha!! You made me laugh till I snorted. Priceless. Mind if I use that line on Mr. FC?

    @ Kelly: OMG, you guys remind me of us. By now you probably know too much about me (enough that it might make you question such a comparison), so I hope you take that as a compliment. HA!!

  20. That mirror is fantastic! Would kill to find something like that for our front room. I read Garden Spells last year and loved it! Now I need to go hunt down some more of her novels.

  21. So, B saw inception a few weeks ago and came home and said, "It wouldn't have been your kind of movie, Em. It required thought". I considered being offended, but that probably would have required thought, too. Damn thinking gets in the way of everything.

  22. I love Sarah Addision Allen! I rush out and buy her books as soon as she releases a new one. It's been a while since I have read Garden Spells and I have been tempted to pick it up again.

  23. So if you NEED to get rid of the worries. I will take it for the team. :)

    I did see a bed in PB that reminded me of the Phoebe Howard bedroom you love...that I lust after too...and I couldn't help but think...can I have TWO master bedrooms?

    Oh...and when I move...will you help me decorate? I think it would be hard for Mr. B to deny BOTH of us....deception by MAJORITY. :)


  24. girl do you realize that is my sunbrust. i bought it with the mirror missing..lucky you. i painted mine whitish and added "spikes" to it to make it MEAN..

  25. You are hilarious! I have been having conversations like that with my husband for 20 years!!! Hee Haw! I saw you live in daughter lives there also, and real estate is DANG expensive in that town! Love the sunburst mirror and a girl can never have too many.....


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