Basement reno: bathroom board

I'm wanting a timeless bathroom imbued with modern touches.  Shades of grey with a pop of vibrant color.  And hopefully all on a budget.  This is my vision..............


paint: Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails & BM White Dove
sconces: Pottery Barn Sussex
pedestal sink & toilet: Kohler Memoirs (Lowe's)
faucet: Home Depot
shower fixtures: not pictured (haven't decided yet)
tiles: searching for these blue-grey glass & carrara marble mosaic tiles in real life
mirror: read about it here
tongue & groove beadboard: probably also from a big box store
chevron towels: World Market
shower curtain fabric: Pottery Barn Gabrielle Jacquard (love this burnt orange pattern w/ the dots of slate-blue but not sure about the weight/weave)

* I've given up on the sink of my dreams because of the dimensions (it's too wide) and the pricetag (I'm too cheap).
* I am still clueless on flooring for this bathroom.  Do you have any suggestions?

Hopefully this will go as smoothly as the upstairs bathrom renovation. <------ Ok, that?  Probably just jinxed myself.
Now off to make all this talk a reality.  I cannot wait to get our hands on this space!


  1. Is carerra on the floor too much? HD (or lowes - I think HD) sells it for $7 a square foot and it's beautiful.

    FC, this is flipping perfect. I love it with all of my bathroom loving heart. But can we discuss the names of bathroom fixtures for a second? Memoirs? I realize we spend a lot of time in bathrooms, but Memoirs seems a little too romantic for the name of a sink.

    But it's gorgeous, so I'll let its name slide just this once.

  2. @ Em: Bwhahahaha!! OMG, further proof that I love you! We were musing over the SAME thing. Memoirs?! I don't want to be reflecting on ANYTHING as I do my "bidness". Talk about making memories.

  3. Wow! That looks great! And I agree with Emily about the floors, but maybe that's because I've fallen in love with Carerra recently. I would love to do something like that in my basement.

  4. Hey there,

    Found your blog through Piney Flats Style.

    Your mood board is so chic and modern. =] I love all the finishes and colors you've chosen.

  5. Do you have a Menards near you by any chance? It's like a Home Depot or Lowes, but cheaper. I'm in IL and we have several. Anyway - I have 2 sinks side by side in our master that are VERY similar to yours above & they weren't too pricey - I want to say around $400.

    PS - love the mood board it's stunning :)

  6. I love this look. And how about a shiny white hex for the floor tiles. We have that in our master bath and it's very nice. We have a matte white hex in the powder room that is not as good. It's new, but it's looking old. The shiny one is pristine, going on two years in a busy, "memory laden" bathroom.


  7. I have a link saved for both tiles at a decent price but I'm away from my home computer for a few days :( I will try and remember.

    Sometimes I think I want to live in floor to ceiling carrerra marble. I imagine that;s what heaven looks like ;)

  8. What a gorgeous bathroom it will be!

  9. Everything you do drips with style. I am already copying and writing down every detail so I can "copy" them later on down the road. :) Yes...I will take all your ideas and make a twin home over here in the midwest.

    Yes...I also need help. {I confess I scurried to mirror. Darn it.}


  10. This is half entertaining. But then once more I am extremely high right now

  11. I'd use a porcelain tile for the floor that looks like marble. Much cheaper than marble and won't etch or stain like real marble. Plus you won't have to use a pH neutral cleaner like you do with real marble. Check out the American Olean Catarina Coliseum that is what we plan to use for our marble look alike flooring

  12. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  13. what about a small hexagon shaped floor tile? i love the memoirs line. lovely!

  14. I can't wait to see the finished product!!

    I have got to get it together and do our bathroom. I have learned to live with the things that made me cringe a few years ago and bleh!!...I need to snap out of it! Anyway, this is not about me..ha ha I love your choices...especially the tile!

    ...and hey, thanks for your sweet comment last week! You are so funny! :)

  15. Nice looking inspiration board, FC! I love the beadboard and your faucet choice.

  16. I used those same glass tiles in my kitchen backsplash! Check them out and if you like, email and I'll give you deets. I scored them for around $9/sq foot!

  17. I'm sure you'll be able to do it! Your work is amazing!

    and the design board is amazing already I can't wait to see it!

  18. Here's the links
    Gray glass

  19. Ahhhh, I love every single piece you picked out! I'm with everyone else! White carrara tiles or even large white glazed penny tiles. I am seeing those everywhere right now.

  20. I agree with Emily. Large Carerra tiles on the floor would be fabulous.

  21. This is going to be beautiful. And, when you're done, I'm just going to copy it completely so there will be at least something with class in my home. It's my only hope, FC.

  22. I love the whole thing and would be great to see the final output.... :))) The world market towels are sooo nice...I wish they were a bit cheaper though, they can be expensive since i'd need a few sets! :)

  23. Your mood board is fab. The perfect mix of modern and classic. I'd love to see the finished room!

  24. Thanks for your sweet comment about Olivia. Time flies. I'm loving the classic yet modern look of this bathroom. Can't wait to see what you end up with.

    Take care,

  25. let me know if you find the tile.


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