Uh.......................okay, no. 
Halloween or not.
(available here)

Found while I was searching for shower curtains.  My orginal plan might be foiled because the fabric isn't quite wide enough for a shower curtain.  Obviously, measurements are not exactly my forte.

Speaking of shower curtains & such:

1. Am I the only paranoid one who has to check behind the shower curtain  before I go to bed (especially if Mr. FC's out of town)?  In college, one of my girlfriends actually did find someone hiding behind hers once (albeit he had passed out & thus "forgot" to leave when the party was over).


2. I love all your comments always but the best one was left by Anonymous on my bathroom board post (I had forgotten about this lovely little comment until my friend Jenna, who found it as amusing as I did, kindly reminded me of it):
OK, then. 
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!  =]

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