Uh.......................okay, no. 
Halloween or not.
(available here)

Found while I was searching for shower curtains.  My orginal plan might be foiled because the fabric isn't quite wide enough for a shower curtain.  Obviously, measurements are not exactly my forte.

Speaking of shower curtains & such:

1. Am I the only paranoid one who has to check behind the shower curtain  before I go to bed (especially if Mr. FC's out of town)?  In college, one of my girlfriends actually did find someone hiding behind hers once (albeit he had passed out & thus "forgot" to leave when the party was over).


2. I love all your comments always but the best one was left by Anonymous on my bathroom board post (I had forgotten about this lovely little comment until my friend Jenna, who found it as amusing as I did, kindly reminded me of it):
OK, then. 
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!  =]

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  1. I feel you on measurements. I suck at them.

    I am the exact opposite-- I have to close the bathroom curtain before I leave the room. For some reason, I hate it when it's drawn to the side.


  2. Yessss! I'm so glad you called out Anon's comment, I laughed my Arss off when I read it the first time.

    Honey, I check behind everything when B's out of town. Doors, shower curtains, bed skirts, laundry piles. I'm as paranoid as they come.

  3. That is one of my biggest fears that someone will be hiding behind the shower curtain and jump out and kill me. Dramatic? Yes. But scary nonetheless.

  4. I have been looking for a trendy/stylish/not dull or boring shower curtain for over a year. Still no luck! I would love tips if you find some good ones.

  5. that shower curtain would totally freak me out.

    and yes, when my husband is out of town, i always check behind the shower curtain :)

  6. Hahaha! I saw that comment and I *almost* said something then I decided to just move on.

    Who writes that? Weird, but semi entertaining!

  7. Yeah, that's too scary! I don't have to check behind the shower curtain before I go to bed, but I always open it when I get up in the middle of the night to pee. God forbid I have to run away from a monster with my undies around my ankles!!

  8. Just last night I came home to find my shower curtain pulled closed. We normally leave it half way open. I thought for sure that someone was in there so I slowly peeled the fabric layer of the curtain but didn't move the frosted plastic liner. I didn't see anyone but then I thought 'what if they're wearing all white & they're laying down in the tub... maybe they'd just blend in. Oh Lord, I had to snap myself out of it. My mind is a little too imaginative sometimes, but I keep a taser on the floor next to my bed, just in case.

  9. You are definitely not the only one. I have to check behind the shower curtain EVERY TIME I use the bathroom. I know, it's crazy. What would I even do if someone was back there?

  10. That comment is highlarious! I for sure check...and my ankles twitch when I'm trying to get in my car at someone is under the car about to grab them!!

    And I'm not ignoring your email about the glass tiles...I keep forgetting to look at the box when I'm at home!! I'm on it, you should hear back from me by Christmas.

  11. What was that movie where that kid said "I see dead people"? I saw that at a friend's house. At night. Came home to an empty house. SOOOO freaked out. I looked behind everything, under ever bed, in every closet. For weeks.

  12. WHY did you have to tell you your roommate found someone?? Now I am always going to remember that!!!! :o)

    Why not sew the fabric to make a longer width? There are tutorials and it's definitely my new "thing" to want a custom made shower curtain! Love it!!!

  13. I check when I'm home alone. I'm such a wimp.

    I've never blogged while under the influence...maybe that's something I'll have to try some time. It might be entertaining.

  14. That is awesome. Both the dude passed out and the high comment. I wonder if there is anything interesting behind my shower door...? Nah.
    (yeah, commenting on an iPod is less than habit-forming.)

  15. I check behind the bathroom curtain pretty much everytime I come home...and almost everytime I go into the bathroom. I tell myself to tone it down since I know there's no one there, but I just have to make sure!

  16. Seriously? That would scare the tinkle right out of me.

    When Boyfriend is out of town, I send the dogs in the bathrooms know, have them sniff it out.

    Your bathroom plans look beautiful!

  17. Bwahahahaha! I'm a big scaredy cat too!

  18. That shower curtain is definitely freaky. I don't have to check before I go to bed, but I do have to check before I pee. Not sure why one and not the other...


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