Basement reno: bathroom faucet

Until I actually have room reveals to blog about regarding our basement reno, I'll just blog about crap we bought for those rooms. =]  The bathroom faucet arrived.

Initially, I fell in love with this version, but I was determined to find one that was kinder to our wallets. 

So we went with the Symmons Carrington faucet from Home Depot:
It can be specially ordered from them.  Ours arrived last week and I must say, it's even better-looking in person.  However, the "HOT" button was broken into little pieces, which led to an awkward phone call I had with Symmons customer service ("Hi there, I'm calling about my hot knob.").
Only awkward to me, perhaps.


  We'll see how it functions, but right now we're very pleased with the faucet.
Things are finally starting to fall into place!
Have a lovely weekend!