You might have noticed that I've had some work done........on my blog, I mean! My blog! 

The mastermind behind my new blog design is the sensational Lindsey of Sweet Simplicity Designs (thanks for the rec, Joi!).  Lindsey is so talented in what she does and was amazingly attuned to my requests--and patient!  She was able to do the near impossible: make sense of the jumbled mess of ideas constantly jostling around inside my head.  Her prices are incredibly reasonable, too.  If you're looking for a chic new blog look, look no further than Sweet Simplicity.  Lindsey: thank you so much for working with me and much love to you!

In other goings-ons, I finally joined Twitter.  After posting my first blurb, I shouted "I twittered!" to the dog.  He gave me a look that clearly was all "It's I tweeted, genius."

So if you're interested in following my long periods of awkward silence and/or reading unfinished tweets I accidentally posted, let's tweet (posted in my blog sidebar).  The more the merrier.  I can't think of a better way to use 140 characters!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to continue resisting Facebook.

I hope your holiday was very merry!
We didn't have a white Christmas (60 degrees & sunny) but it was cozy all the same.