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Bracing myself against a towering mountain of pesky deadlines, massive home projects & a bevy of social commitments. 
I won't bore you with the specifics nor am I complaining.  
Life is splendid. 
It's just that this blog is only a small part of it.
(I mean that in the most gracious possible way; no offense to my dear readers).
I wish I was one of those bloggers who can balance life & a blog so seamlessly, but I'm not.
 I'm just taking a bit of a break to give the other parts of life my 110%.
I know what you're thinking: Uh, I thought you were already on a break, what with your pathetic one post per week.
And, awkwaaaaaaard.

I wish I had guest bloggers lined up for you, but I'm not that organized so I apologize.
Honestly, what did you expect from someone who loves her copious vats of wine?
(No, this little "break" is not a euphemism for "FC goes to rehab".)
Crap!  This is how rumors get started.  Forget I said that.

I'm also hoping to catch up on reading your awesome blogs in the interim.
See you soon!

A lip-smacking *mwah* to you,
                    FC ~

P.S.  Hiro finally ventured downstairs to check out the basement renovation goings-ons.  There was a lot of drilling & sawing happening so we gave The Hairy Bastard protective ear gear.  They complement his glowing eyes.


  1. Hope you're able to get all caught up! We'll miss you on your blog break. =) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Are you saying you have a life outside of the Internet? WTH?

    Have a wonderful "break" (I totally know that's code for rehab. I watch TMZ.) No seriously, I hope you have a nice little sabbatical and come back soon. I won't have to miss you because I'm able to peek in your windows whenever I want an FC fix. Only a 24 hour drive away.

  3. I'll sit by, impatiently, until your blog pops back to the top of my roll. Tell Lohan 'hi' ;)

  4. Enjoy your time away - you'll be missed!

  5. Ha ha, hey, all of us need a break once in a while. Some days, I need more of a break than other days! Happy Valentines!
    Lila Ferraro

  6. HaHa! I hear ya!

    Thanks for the Hiro pic! :)

  7. We will miss you! Give Hiro a big kiss for me!

  8. I love you! Come back sooooooon!

  9. Dude, we all know you're pulling a Charlie Sheen and doing a 4 week
    at-home "rehab". Minus the hookers of course...right? You guys are totally not into that...right?

    Anyway, I appreciate the use of the word bevy.

  10. That Hiro pic makes the news a little easier to bear.

    Haha! I seriously laughed out loud.

    I'll be waiting with open arms for your return? Creepy, maybe? Forget I said that. ; )

  11. you crack me up. have a productive break!

  12. Sigh.....I take breaks with wine too. It's HARD to keep up with the blog world....but then I always get sucked back in....while drinking wine!

  13. mmmkay, break's over. sober up and come back!

    ps -- thought of you other day while being sucked dry by One Kings Lane...they were selling sea fans for about one million dollars. you're a smart cookie

  14. Just found you via Centsational Girl. How fun and refreshing! I am a fellow wine lover and a new fan of your blog ! And your Hairy precious pup - I have a monster pup that I adore. Thanks for making me smile more today!

  15. I KNEW that was you on the cover of People with the big sunglasses on outside of the Betty.

    We still love you FC.


  16. Although this is sad news, it is also totally understandable. Blogging is quite time consuming! Hope you enjoy your break.

  17. Enjoy yourself. I also post pathetically. It's ok to have a life!!! Smooches.

  18. Break is could be heaven time for workaholics and everyone needs it. Your dog looked kinda cool with those ear gear. Treat yourself, life is short.

  19. is your break almost over? i selfishly want you back. while you're gone, check out my blog!

  20. Hiro!! ahahaha! I already love him...i just love animals. and i really like your humor, it reminds me of my own (i know, how vain lol)

    p.s. your profile pic is great!...i think i wanna copy that in a future "photoshoot" (aka, my sis w/a point and shoot)..


  21. i will be waiting for your return girlie....we have been blogging for a while take your time.


  22. When are you coming back? I miss your posts

    Hope you're enjoying your break!

  23. any time now :) i totes miss you !

  24. okay could your blog be any more lovely?! love your style. It was my daughters 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago and we had a super cute party, follow me and check it out :)


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