seafan(tastic) #2

How is everyone this Monday morning?  I'm suffering from a post-SuperBowl queso/chips/ribs/hummus hangover.  Our friends hosted a great gameday get-together (yay Packers). 

Us being us, we brought organic blue corn chips, carrot chips & hummus.  It being Boulder County, so did everyone else.

Anyway, before we resigned ourselves to gorging on food & watching the SuperBowl (& PuppyBowl), I assembled some art for the basement/guest bathroom.  It's nothing totally original as it's similar to what I did for our upstairs bathroom.  Obviously I love seafans, perhaps because we're so landlocked here in Colorado.  This time I went in a slightly different direction: another species of seafan & a contrasting color.


A coat of white spraypaint accentuates the webbing & veins.  It looks a bit like lace, yes?


Ha, can you see my hands..........


seafan: ebay seller Wagners ($16 for a 12x10 seafan, free shipping)
shadowbox: Michael's ($10 during a 50% off sale)
white spraypaint: leftover from previous projects ("free")
*I refrained from clipping the stem b/c I like the organic look of it.*
*The seafan is held in place by a strip of black double-sided tape. It's virtually invisible.*
total = ~ $26

Not bad, considering Restoration Expensiveware (as my blog friend Kim calls it) is asking $550 for theirs (what.the.eff. for reals):