April loves

If anyone is still here, I owe you a giant thank you for sticking around during my overly long blog break. You fill my heart with rainbows & pretty butterflies.  As much as I missed blogging, it was refreshing to spend time away from the virtual world.  Though every day was full of hustle & bustle, I was thankful for every bit of it.
How do I say this modestly............... I'm, like, really popular in real life.  People just clamor for me. Bwahaha.

But enough about me, let's talk more about.................me.  I have some fun posts in the queue but have yet to upload the relevant pics.  Meanwhile, here are some things I enjoyed in April.  Pointless & silly filler post?  Guilty as charged.

 (Inappropriate humor...........yes, please.  He's Mr. FC Version 2.0)

I haven't popped into Express in a while (the skankified mannequins in their display windows scare me), but was recently pleasantly surprised.  I quickly scooped up these items:

These will make you cheat on your potato chips.  You might make these rice chips your mistress.
I bought their entire inventory mine at Whole Foods.

I'm not a perfume wearer but fell in love with this scent when I "borrowed" a spritz from a friend. 
According to Burberry, it has notes of black currant, dewberry, pink peppercorn, orange, rose oil, tuberose, jasmine, Madonna Lilly, peach, raspberry, vanilla, and cedarwood.
According to me, it has fresh notes of deliciousness, floral without being overpowering.

Did I think the media circus surrounding the event was ridiculous?  Yes.
Did that stop me from streaming video of the wedding coverage to my work computer on Friday?  No.
I think they're brilliant & lovely.
*poster from here & e-card from here

We attended a lovely wedding for our friends Kevin & Jacinda.
I touched her gorgeous dress a lawt.  It was like a delicate whipped cream confection.
 I almost ate it.

I'm a cleaning products whore (not to be confused with "skanks", see NON-SKANKY FINDS above), but I can honestly say that this stuff is awesome.  I've used it on mirror, marble, laminate, porcelain, & painted wood.  I don't want to get all enviro-preachy (I know how annoying it is when bloggers get all self-righteous about stuff), but this cleaner is an all-around good guy.  Plus, it smells so zesty you could eat it (but don't).


We inherited an apple tree (some sort of Granny Smith hybrid) & a plum blossom tree when we bought our house 4 yrs ago, but they didn't bloom until last year.
 I think our pruning did them some good because they're blooming again now--even more abundantly!

Am loving Blind Pilot, especially this song!  Not so much for the topic per se, but more for the melody & clever lyrics.

* I did not receive any perks for blogging about the above products.  But if you're offering, OK.  I have to put food on the table for Hiro somehow & he really likes his expensive organic hippie dogfood.


  1. Yep, I got up at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding with some friends. Good thing I was off work on Friday so I didn't have to play like I was hungover. ;) LOL


  2. You're back! I've been missing me some FC snark and style. Do Casco and Hiro want to have a hippie dogfood party where they talk about how much they cost their humans just to keep them in tip top shape?

  3. Welcome back - we've def missed your super-awesomeness!

    Express scares me, as well... I don't do short. Or sheer. Or satiney. Ick. But they do have the occasional cute stuff.

    The rice chips sound like a winner, but I'm a teensy bit skeptical about the "seaweed" part. I do like seaweed in my sushi, though. Oh, and seaweed salad, so... Maybe not so weird after all.

    I love anything Burberry. Brit is my go-to Winter frangrace, too heavy for Spring/Summer, though. May have to try this!

    That wedding dress is gorge! It helps that the bride is also ridic hawt, too.

    I love grapefruit scented Method anything. Delish! What is it with you and unicorns, girl? lol

    Your bloomers are lovely.

  4. You had me at "the skakified mannequins" and "the unicorn sold me." Hysterical!

  5. Welcome back! Loved this post and I adore the grapefruit Method spray.

  6. So I am now responding to this AFTER I changed my yoga pants. You are so witty...you make me reconsider marrying Mr. B and switching teams -- but alas...I know you are already taken {probably by Miss Suzi :) }. Love the necklace and the blouse...and love that I am not the only one who was a bit uneasy with the skankified "ladies" in the Express window. Is that a sign we are old? I am hoping it is a sign of taste. :) Most likely I will be trying the cleaner and the perfume...you say..I do. And that is how this friendship works.


    And yes..I see a wedding gown and I too..would love to get married all over again -- just for the fashion out there. :)

  7. Still here and welcome back! So glad you are and thanks for the tid bits blog. Looking forward to more! :)

  8. Yes, freckles is mine, all MINE! Back off! Ha! :)

    Aww, missed your blogging so much and I'm so glad you're back! That grapefruit method cleaner is so calling my name and I absolutely love your finds!

  9. Oh you should have seen the look on my face when you popped to the top of my blogroll. It was pure, unadulterated (I don't know what that word means but i think it works here) joy. I'll be happy to split that wedding dress with you. It looks mighty tasty but also full of calories. Half won't be too bad. And um, I'm now going to start lobbying the husband to name a future daughter Jacinda. LOVE.

  10. Yay, yay, yay!! You're back in the blogging world. It was NOT the same without you!

    Can't wait for all of your upcoming posts, friend! : )


  11. I really like that Express necklace. Skankless approved.


  12. I really like that Express necklace. Skankless approved.


  13. oh yay, you're back!! i've missed you and your hilarious posts. glad you had a refreshing break! :)

  14. yay! im glad your back! cant wait to see your new posts :D

  15. YAAAY! You're back! Your blog is such an inspiration to me--and damn girl, I miss your guts!

  16. Welcome back!! :-)
    Will check out that Method flavor. I'm a fan of the Daily Granite Polish. Sadly, daily use is uncommon.
    Let me know when you're making another Blue run! :-)

  17. Yeah! Missed you!

    For us West Coasties, the wedding was at 3 AM and pre-shows started at 1. So I just didn't go to bed. But I had a party and my friend got her 6 year old up, and I got my 3 year old daughter up and they watched it with us. Yes, because my parents got me up 30 years ago to watch Royal Wedding #1. I was six, and a month later, we'd moved to Scotland. So guess who I idolized? Yup. LOVED watching the wedding, so, so, so gorgeous.

  18. Oh my gosh - that was way. too. long. of a break!!!! Missed you tons! Now get those pics posted and get your blog on - mmmkay?!

  19. I love your blog. Not sure how I found it but glad I did and even more glad you are posting again. More More!!!

  20. You are as adorable as ever. Now show us that basement, haha.


  21. Yay! Welcome back! Now show us the basement!!


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