Happy Birthday, Hiro




Dear Mom & Dad,

It's f***ing amazing that you've kept me alive for this long.  Except for that one vodka mishap (not your fault, I know), I've been spoiled & pampered rotten. 
Here's to another year of that.

You guys don't suck.


P.S. THANK YOU to Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest for featuring our home on their 10 Whole House Renovations You Can Follow Along!!  We are so honored (what amazing company we are in, wow!).  And a warm welcome to any new readers who found us via that feature!  **I owe it to an Anonymous reader for letting me know, so thank you, Anonymous =]

Any other pooches out there who are in the June birthday month club?


  1. Congrats on living Hiro! I can't imagine a better mom :) And a big ole clapping couple of hands to you too Freckles - you totally deserve to be featured on AT...and on Awesome.com.
    xo - kb

  2. Happy birthday friend! I'll skype you tonight and we'll discuss how cute and awesome we are. Oh, and how lucky we are to have cool owners.

  3. I'm going to let my mom know that she shares a birthday with the Hiro Monster. I'm sure she'll be over the moon :)

    Happy Birthday Hiro!


  4. Happy Birthday, Hiro! What a lucky guy you are!

    Casco turns 4 on Saturday. I can't believe my little guy is growing up.

  5. @ KBower: Good to see you, girl!!

    @ LB: HA! Hiro's honored to share your mom's birthday.

    @ Baxter (& Jeannine): Hiro can't wait for his & Baxter's skypeing date.

    @ Em: Wish Casco a happy birthday from all of us! Hiro will chew a bone in his honor.

  6. Happy Birthday to Hiro! And congrats on the feature!

    My lab Sophie turns 4 this month. If I'm this wistful about a dog, how bad will it be with a child? :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Hiro! He's such a handsome one.

  8. Happiest of birthdays to you Hiro. Niko and Scout send their kisses.

    : )

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIRO! And ok, i hate to be one of "those" blog readers - but, what kind of dog is Hiro... i swear i remember seeing he was sort of a mutt somewhere, but now im not sure. Just wondering - We have a bernese mt dog and he reminds me so much of her in his shape & furball like nature. Just wondering!

  10. @ Heidi: Thanks for asking! Hiro's a rescue so this is all speculation, but we/our vet thinks he's a border collie mixed w/ either a Newfoundland or Bernese Mtn dog. It's so funny you mention that you see those traits too b/c I've always believed that he's part Bernese.

    If we ever get another pooch, Bernese is top of our list. They are such gentle giants. Give yours a big ol' hug for me

  11. my great dane, gertrude, and i love hiro. and we're both hard to impress. keep up the good work!


  12. Awww, Happy Belated Birthday, Hiro!

    Gibe him a big furry hug from me.


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