Nursery Diaries: Part 1

Sorry for yet another baby post but this one's décor related, I promise.
Feel free to skip over it if you don't like babies.
Baby hater.  =]

Here's my plan for Freckles Chicklet's nursery (thanks Shannon, for that moniker). 
Mr. FC has deferred the design to me; he's accepted that there's no getting around the girly vibes. 
Poor Mr. FC & his masculinity (what's left of it anyway).

My intentions:
* an airy, ethereal room of ivory & gold grounded by accents of vibrant raspberry & rich charcoal (the room's small, approx. 10 ft x 12 ft)
* create a room she can grow with so transitional pieces are key (a crib that converts to a toddler bed, a dresser that has changing table capabilities, neutral/timeless colors)
* stick to a budget by repurposing some things we already have/finding worthy knockoffs/refurbishing thrifty finds

The details if you're curious:
{1} We've ordered the Jenny Lind DaVinci crib (non drop side).  Its' vintage look & versatility has always appealed to me.  It's finish is non-toxic, lead free, and phthalate free of course.  We also got the affordable conversion rail so that, when the time comes, the crib can be converted to a toddler bed.  I really love white/ivory crib bedding (this is a crude mock-up I did).  We'll see how it holds up to those midnight baby poop explosions. 

{2} I've been a fan of Sharon Montrose's animal photos for a while, & we've chosen two of her adorable prints to frame.  (Sidenote: a reader questioned the humanity of such animal photography on my original post way back when; to which I responded with the photographer's assurance here.)  The Rainbow Connection print is a fun Etsy find.  I like Muppets.  My mom couldn't pry me away from Miss Piggy when I was a tot.  Still can't.

{3} Avid reader that I am, I'd love to pass this habit on to the little Peanut.  Would love to recreate this wall-mounted book rack for less.  The wall-mount feature is ideal as floor space is limited.

{4} Some sort of ottoman to prop up tired toes would be nice.  This tufted piece got rave reviews, the charcoal linen is versatile, AND it also has storage space.  (I stumbled across this piece whilst assembling this idea board weeks ago, but lately it seems to be cropping up all over the blogosphere!)

{5} A cushy rug to cover our hardwood floor is crucial.  I'm not sold on this one but I do like the chevron texture & sandy gold color.

{6} I'm torn about getting a glider/rocker.  Obviously I won't know for a little bit if baby girl will be the rocking type, so I'm hesitant to spend beaucoup bucks on a fancy rocking chair.  From talking to our friends & family, apparently some babies love to be rocked & others don't.  Regardless, it would be smart to have a comfy seat nearby so we shall see.  Why are upholstered armchairs and gliders so damn expensive?! 

{7} I'd like to bring in our ceramic garden stool to use as a side table.  It's round, compact, & stable.  It's currently white so there's a new coat or two of raspberry paint (no VOC) in its future.

{8} A changing table in a classic style that can offer storage (and later be used just as a dresser) is on the wishlist.  Been stalking Craig's List for something similar that I can refurbish or maybe we'll try to find a knockoff of the pricey one pictured.  Either way, my plan is to replace the hardware with these art deco knobs that I bought last year for no apparent reason. 

{9} I found this $10 ornate gold mirror at a thrift store two years ago.  Too frilly for the rest of our home but just right for a nursery, I'm thinking. 

{10} The walls will be painted a cool taupe color with a hint of gold undertone---> Mr. FC just did this last weekend. This might sound drab for a nursery, but I guess we're just not candy-colored walls people (I'm a huge advocate of bringing in color with accessories).  Plus, baby toys are bright enough so there won't be any shortage of color, I'm sure. 

{11} Ever since we installed recessed lighting throughout, our old white capiz chandelier that used to be in our master bedroom needs a new home so there we go.

{12} To add some whimsy to the wall, a blooming branch wall decal is a possibility.  I love this particular one for its gold birds & fuschia blooms, which fit right in with the color scheme.  If that doesn't work out, maybe a stencil pattern of some sort? Edit: the decal pictured above can be found here.

I is a bit silly of me to put so much thought into a nursery when she won't even know the difference for a while (the plan is for her to sleep by our bed in her basinette for those early days).  Yes, I won't give a flying flip as to how the space looks once I'm up at all ungodly hours with a newborn.  And yes, the most important element in the nursery is her & everything else pales in comparison.  I can't deny it though: putting together a space just for her is a constant source of comfort & joy.  Aw, all the things that wine used to do; how I miss you, my friend (no offense, Peanut).

Now, does anyone have any advice when it comes to a rocker/glider/chair discussion?
 Is anyone snorting at the idea of pristine white linens & poop explosions?  
Does anyone think my idea board is ludicrous for a nursery?
Me too.  But I'm totally doing it.


  1. This moodboard is gorgeous! I love everything about it. I'm embarrassed to say that I stared at the paint blob for wayyy to long trying to figure out what it was before scrolling down.

    I think it's so important to have a nursery that you LOVE. You are, after all, going to spend quite a bit of time going in there, and you should be proud of the way it looks. It's still part of your home!

  2. Love it. I die for a Jenny Lind crib (registered for the cherry finish myself!) and I love the airy feeling this has.

    As far as the whole rocker/glider debate: we are going with a normal old skool rocker, mostly because a glider will not fit into our teeny 8x9 room. But if I had my way, It would be a upholstered armchair.

    Dammit, I wish I was having a girl. I mean, I LOVE my little soon-to-be-boy ;)


  3. love love love your plans! you can totally rock it! while i covet a cool book rack for our nursery too, I found this idea as cheap alternative.. weathered w some watered down grey paint?? its a $10 project!

  4. @ Gloria: Thank you for saying that! You put into words so eloquently what's running thru this crowded head of mine! Oh & I hear you on the paint blob. When I added it to the idea board, I thought: It looks like a puddle of liquid foundation!

    @ LB: Aren't JL DaVinci's lovely? If this baby had been a boy (could still be if the ultrasound was wrong!), we would've gotten the cherry finish too! We're having the same space issue as well--an upholstered armchair might not be in the cards for us; we shall see.

    @ Anonymous: Such a fabulous project!! Thx so much for linking to that. Will seriously have to consider it as an alternative!

  5. Love all of your ideas! Your baby = your rules :) Congratulations and good luck!

  6. That's the type of crib I'm trying to convince my husband will work. Because I'm not rational (it doesn't really go with the dresser we already have). Love this whole board.

    I'm not snorting at the white. I wish I was that brave!

    And our nursery is going to be quite a little room too, so I completely feel you on it needing to work and be pretty. And you have to like it... you're going to be spending a lot of time in there too!

  7. I think you should definitely make the nursery beautiful and exactly what you want. She may not notice but I promise you will be spending lots of time in there and if there is one thing that you don't really like... It starts to eat away at you! I did a quick no sew curtain for my sons nursery and everytime I sat in there I stared at it thinking "I wish I had sewn those!" can't wait to see it all finished!

  8. I looooove the board. Such a pretty, feminine place it will be, and not at all overtly girly or baby-y.

    We had a very special rocking chair that has been used to rock several generations of babies in our family (right now it's being used for my niece), and my mother spent beaucoup bucks on getting it refurbished before it came to our home for our first kiddo to be rocked in....but I honestly spent more time cuddling with him in our bed or on our living room chaise. I think we liked being nearer to where Dad could also be close by. But I also have friends who just had their own little one, and they are getting all sorts of money's worth out of their thousand dollar glider. So it will have to be whatever works for you.


  9. I love it! Is it sad that I "Pin" cute baby things way more frequently than I should... especially since I am not pregnant or even hoping to be in the near future! LOL
    I am a big fan of the sophisticated nursery palette!

  10. This mood board is absolutely gorgeous. I love how girlie and whimsical it is. So perfect for a little girl!

    And I don't think spending time in a beautiful nursery is silly at all!! Since Isaac was born, we've spent a lot of time in his room. At first, we used it for nursing nursing nursing, but now we play in here a lot, we read, we rock...and his room makes me so happy. I love that he gas his own little personalized space. So I say pour your heart into the room!!

  11. Ugh, should have proofread. ON a beautiful nursery, not in. And HAS his own not gas his own, haha.

  12. As someone who just gave her year-old nursery a makeover because she wasn't happy with it, I say moodboard the crap out of this thing! You will spend a lot of time in there and seriously, it's your baby's little home, go nuts over it.

    I love our Jenny crib, which is the same as yours, it's got so much charm. As far as chairs, I found out that what I thought I wanted, an upholstered glider, did not work out at all for us. I wound up scoring a mint Ikea JennyLund white armchair on CL. I don't know why they charge so much for those freaking things. Well, yeah I do. It's because all those grandparents out there buying furniture for their grandbabies, willing to pay whatever. Darn Gramps!

    And finally, white linens aren't that crazy. We're almost 12 months in and have yet to have even a drop of spit-up in the crib. Do whatever your chicklet-pleasing heart desires.

  13. I love your nursery moodboard! So sweet for a little girl. You could just buy the chair you want/like and add the rocking base if you find out the chicklet likes to be rocked. Any upholstery shop should be able to do it pretty inexpensively. Good luck!

  14. I think you did a great job! Even though you are so tired and the first couple months are rough, having a beautiful nursery that is a haven that you love makes you feel a lot better. Plus, it is sooo fun creating it!

  15. I'm pretty sure this is my first comment (sorry I'm such a stalker). I love nurseries and had some of the same worries that you mentioned. Here's my thoughts for what they are whatever makes you happy! That is going to be one GORGEOUS room.

    My daughter has a white crib sheet and trust me she has messes coming out everywhere and yet the sheet still looks new. White is beautiful in a nursery. Also, I think its during the late nights that you will cherish her'll see it a lot and it'll make you smile while you are getting up for the zillionth time. PLUS babies do notice their baby loves her room and actually chooses to play in there most of the day. So don't you do what you want :)


  16. I love everything about the idea board! I was really in love with the baby animal prints from the original post but had to swap them out for something more manly when we found out we were having a boy :( I'll save those for the next one though :) So far, with my 3 month old, he's only had 1 epic blowout in the crib and it didn't do much damage to the bedding. Just the sheet, which is easy to replace.

  17. I love, love, love the moodboard. The animal photos are so sweet... I've been thinking of ordering one (or two!) of the giraffe prints for my son's nursery.

    I couldn't agree more with the other commenters that you should decorate in a way that makes you happy. Choose things for the nursery in the same manner you have for your home. That was my approach. There were places I totally splurged (Serena & Lily bedding--and it's WHITE! Spend a few bucks on some of the large flannel pads at Babies R Us or the like and put one down over the crib sheet. It catches the spit-ups and blow-outs and your sheet stays safe!), and there were places I saved (Target dresser). And as far as the rocker/glider goes, you'll use it for more than just rocking baby girl to sleep! Feedings, and then when baby is older, a place to sit sometimes when she's playing. When I was sleep training my baby boy, I would put him in the crib, then sit in my rocker and read a magazine and have a cup of tea as he went to sleep. And my rocker was a bargain: the Dorel rocker from (gasp!) WalMart. I've been really happy with it, and for the price, it looks comparable to the high-end store models.

    Best wishes to you!

  18. oh my goodness CONGRATS FC!! what a lucky baby girl this will be!!!

  19. Ohhhhhhh I LURVE all your ideas! It's gonna looks so beeautifullll!!!!

  20. Everything looks awesome, I wish I found this two years ago when I was looking for inspiration for my daughter's room. I am not a fan of traditional, i.e., Winnie the Pooh, type nurseries. And don't feel you have to explain yourself, or think you are ludicrous for putting thought and time into your nursery. I think the room will be beautiful and I agree with the other comments, you will be spending a lot of time in the room, even if your baby sleeps in your arms or on your chest for the first year of your life, so YOU must love it. I love my glider. Nine years ago, we were not in a position to splurge on one that looks like a chair, but three kids later, I wish we had. The white may get dirty from putting your feet up and even from laying your head back, but as long as you can clean it, you should be fine. But like I said, even though my glider is not as pretty as the one you picked, I am still using it with #3 and she is two.
    I also did the normal sized dresser and secured the changing pad on top. Much better than getting baby furniture with small drawers, what do you do when their clothes get bigger? Good luck and indulge, I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, my mom said something like, enjoy it, this is the only time things will be this way. I didn't understand then, but she was right. If you have a second, you won't have the time to think about all these things, you'll be too busy chasing number one. So, enjoy. Sorry so long.

  21. Beautiful! I agree that a nursery should be a room that YOU want to spend time in because you will indeed spend quite a bit of time in there.

    As for the rocker, that's a tough call. You will want somewhere that is extremely comfy to sit. Whether you nurse or bottle feed you will be sitting down for lots of feedings, so get comfy. When we purchased a glider for my sons room I got one that I wouldn't mind having in my bedroom once he was older. He is now 17 months and we have just moved his glider to our room. It makes a nice place to sit for cuddles from both of my boys.

  22. Love it!! It is gonna be sooo pretty in there when you are finished! I am excited for the reveal!

  23. I love the idea board and I would def put all the. HRm u have into ur first nursery! Btw #12 on the board where cld u find that wall decal lovin it!?-tanya

  24. Aw, THANK YOU so much everyone for the valuable advice. It is such a huge relief for a newbie like myself to hear how important a nursery is from you all! Y'all are so kind.

    @ Tanya: I just edited #12 to include the decal link. The decal can be found here:

  25. Thank u for always replying I can't wait to see how the turn out is to make ur dream nursery come alive! Have u thought about bat wat ill do for window treatments In The nursery?

  26. I love the moodboard and specially the colors, I would have never put rasberry and gold together for a nursery but they sound pretty good. So sophisticated for a little girl! You do whatever you want, it's your baby and your house. Thank you for sharing this with us, can't wait for the updates!!

  27. I love the direction you are planning on heading. Pink + gold makes my heart flutter. Your little one is going to have the sweetest nursery ever.

    p.s. thanks SO much for your kind words over at a brooklyn limestone. You are the best. xoxo

  28. LOVE the nursery mood board! I agree with the person who said go for the white bedding--our son is 17 months old and has yet to spit up or have a blowout in his crib, so I think the white will be just fine :)

    As for the rocker/glider/chair--we didn't end up getting one because of the size of our room and I was running out of cash. Our son slept in our room for the first three months, so I always nursed him in bed. As he got older he took his bottle with us in the living room before bed and that's also where we read a bedtime story. I got by without a chair, but I think at some point I'd like to add one to the room.

  29. Love the direction you're going - those knobs are gorgeous! Both of mine loved to be rocked and it was really nice to have a comfy rocker for those late night feedings.

  30. I have been waiting for this! :)

    Awww, I love everything going into this space. You have put your heart & soul into every little detail and it's absolutely beautiful.

  31. OK I'm not having a baby anytime soon and normally I just skip over nursery posts but I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this mood board. I love it! I too don't like pastel covered baby rooms (pink walls for girls and blue walls for boys). They are just too much and when the child grows up they don't usually work for older kids. Soft and neutral with fun pops of color. Perfect! I'm sure your little girl is going to love it!

  32. I am loving the book rack.. I too am an avid reader and am always buying more books for my one year old hoping that he too will share my passion..

    he is into books.. just not reading them.. he's more on the eating them phase.

  33. Congratulations! I somehow missed the news but popped over immediately when I saw your pinterest board. I think the nursery will be lovely! And that's awesome you've already started on it--I am two weeks away from my due date and our's is so not finished. We converted our guest room and had some house guests during my second trimester which was too bad since that's when I had energy. During the third trimester, my energy plummeted and the aches and pains started (hopefully you'll skip right over that part!). But nesting has kicked in again and hopefully will keep me busy and preoccupied before our little girl arrives. :) Best of luck with everything!!

  34. I think the board looks adorable. fyi, the ikea spice rack is only $3.99 and makes a fantastic wallmounted bookshelf. I just put a bunch of them in my daughter's room.

  35. I am loving the chalkboard plack! So many places it could go in my house! M. kids wall decals


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