Basement reno: office nook

To make room for the Peanut, we've moved the former office downstairs to the renovated basement (see my sidebar for pics of that old space). Mr. FC has his own (boring/utilitarian) office where he does some of his enviro consult work, bill paying, & other serious stuff goes down.

I have my little corner nook where I blog, attempt to get crafty, & no serious stuff really goes down. Here is that said nook (I shot the after pics on two different days, obviously some were after my latest BHG issue arrived, ha!):

With the exception of some new things, I tried to work with items I already had. 
Here's the source list:

{"desk"} console table Home Goods
{chair} refurbished Craigs List find
{gold silk pillow} Target 3 yrs ago
{acrylic magazine holders} Container Store
{cork board} read about how I made it here
{floating shelf}  Target 4 yrs ago
{framed umbrellas print} free from here (Target frame)
{turquoise storage boxes} Container Store
{bone Moroccan box} Home Goods 2 yrs ago
{framed butterfly} Etsy
EDIT: {lamp} Home Goods ~over 1 yr ago

**** The whole basement is painted Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl (color matched in Sherwin Williams' Harmony No VOC paint)

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
(And if you found me via Apartment Therapy ReNest's feature on our kitchen update, welcome!!)


  1. Love your little office nook! It seems so cozy! It made me smile to see that one of your box labels is "misc crap", that's totally how I label things too! :)

  2. What a perfect little nook! Looks very functional AND stylish, the best combination.

    And did you redo the chair yourself? Any tips? I'm about to tackle my own similar project, once I decide on a fabric...

  3. Thanks sooo much ladies!!

    @ Anne: I did redo the chair myself (link at bottom of post)! As for tips, I'm no pro but these helped me:

    * after stripping the old fabric, air out the chair for a day or two (esp. if it's old/musty or could be infested w/ bugs)
    * use needle nose pliers to pull out old staples
    * use good staples/staple gun
    * pull tightly as you staple & keep flipping the seat over to check your work
    * periodically fit the cushion back onto the chair as you work to make sure the fabric isn't too thick to wedge back onto the chair

    Other than that, redoing (just a chair cushion) is pretty easy!

  4. WOAH missy, this looks phenomenal! Nice job! :)

  5. What a gorgeous little nook!!! No wonder you come up with such cleverness!

  6. LOVE the lamp - would you mind sharing where you found??? THANKS!!

    PS- I am new to your blog and love everything you guys have done in your home. So much fun!

  7. It is so pretty! Ach, I'm glady you don't have to take care of serious business there. The prettiness is too distracting.


  8. @ Nikki: Thanks so much for the kind words & WELCOME!!!! Sorry, I completely forgot about the lamp--it's also from Home Goods but I've seen similar ones at lamp stores online. Hope that helps!

    @ jbhat: Precisely! You can see why this nook is meant only for whittling away the hours precariously, ha!

  9. What a feminine space I love it!

  10. Amazing!

    I love how you paired the white chair with the glossy black desk and especially the gray accents.

  11. I want to come live in your house. Or alternatively, have you come redo MY house. Did you switch allegiance from Coastal Villa to Grey Owl??

  12. Love the nook FC! Its so so very pretty. And I can't believe how much light you get from that light well!

  13. So sorry I'm just now commenting. This space looks great. I love your design eye, FC. The space is fresh and lovely without being too much.


  14. It looks beautiful! Very pretty but definitely a functional workspace. Great job!

  15. It's beautiful. I love how you made the thumb tacks look like nailhead trim. Clever!

  16. Your little office nook makes my insides quiver. Good job!

  17. You did such a fantastic job on this space! I love all of the bright colors and personal touches. Well done! :)

  18. Love this cute spot! Organization gets me so excited. There is a little spot for everything! I'm saving this on my desktop for inspiration :)


  19. Love the office nook! I feel like I am trying to channel my inner Freckles Chick recently and keep things minimal and chic. :)

  20. Lovely work station! That is a totally shabby chic style! :) Thank you for the inspiration and happy working!


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