Crap going on around our house

The goings-on around our house during the past week or so...........and none of them are 100% completed, so I have no pretty "afters" to post yet.  I guess this is a shameless post to fill the void until there are bonafide "afters" to show.

Knocked out half a (non load-bearing) wall between our kitchen & the dining nook.  Our tiny kitchen has been going thru little updates to get us by until we can do a full-blown renovation:

 Mr. FC painted the nursery walls (formerly the office), refinished the baseboards, & painted the closet doors/entry door/door frame a fresh white.  More to come in a later post!

While he painted, I finally pulled together my basement office nook.
Just waiting for the next sunny day to take photos, as it's too shady by the time I get home from work.  Here's a terrible sneak peek:

 Remember those basement window wells he worked so hard on? 
Well, here are the early stages of making them more child-safe (we'll stain the rails to match the rest of the well).

 My daily CraigsList stalkings resulted in a couple of great finds.
We scored a sturdy (100% wood) vintage dresser that I am refurbishing to resemble the changing table in my nursery inspiration board.
Also scored a used B.O.B. all-terrain stroller for a song.  It's only a year-old & in impeccable condition.  Perfect for strolls & hikes with baby & dog.

And to prove that while we're spending a ton of time prepping for the Peanut's arrival, we haven't forgotten our furry baby Hiro.  Since he's getting on in years, we installed a double-paned doggie door for his peeing pleasure.  He's LOVING it. 
Much better than the old chintzy one that I (used to) fit through.
I call this "The Wall of Hiro":

Meanwhile, our friend Julie found this sweet, old guy while she was out f
or a run.  He had escaped from his yard & was wandering on a busy street, dehydrated & disoriented; she happened to be near our house so she brought him by.  He had no ID other than a rabies tag.  Mr. FC took a break from painting to track down the owner, which took some sleuthing via the rabies tag & vet records (Wyoming!).  We found out his name is Max, is 10 yrs old, has epilepsy, & his owner recently moved to Colorado.  The owner came to claim him & told us he was quite the escape artist & figured the microchip implant Max got was sufficient.  Get the poor guy adequate tags, Idiot Dogowner!!
We're also dog-sitting this slobbery sweetheart for our friends Jeremy & Michelle. 
She's been mixing her copious amounts of drool with the renovation dust. 
 I've been cleaning like mad. She's a good girl though.
Why the long face, Lola?

So there's my wild ramblings on what's going on in our little corner of the world. 
What are you all up to?

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  1. Hi, what is the paint color in your kitchen? I really like it! Love your backsplash too,it looks awesome!

  2. I love the wall of Hiro. And the freaked out look on Mr. FC's face. And the wall torn out of the kitchen. Tons going on in your neck of the woods! AND YOU ARE GROWING A BABY! Crazy.

  3. Love the dresser. Love the wall of Hiro (and he clearly deserves some love... has he been acting weird about your belly? My lab likes to come lay her head on it).

    May I ask where you got the turquoise boxes for your office nook?

  4. What color are you painting the nursery? And you will LOVE Bob! My kids have the double-wide version and it has the best suspension (or whatever...). Turns on a dime, easy to maneuver. We had it at Disneyland and it was awesome! (other than pissing off people who get irked by strollers in general...)

  5. You already know we are kindred spirits...and the title of "misc crap" -- once again just proved it. Loved the is so real and very true --- only the befores and no afters just yet. are more than a few steps ahead of me. At least you have projects going on. I got nada. Unfortunately that doesn't always make good blogging..but oh well.

    Love you my dear..and baby..and Hiro..oh and Mr. Chick. :)


  6. @ JCHokie: Thank you!! The kitchen wall color's Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue. I also have all the paint colors in our home listed on my left sidebar, have a look around!

    @ Kim: I know, right?! Ironically, growing a baby is the easiest (so far anyway).

    @ Kate: Your lab's so darling! Hiro knows SOMETHING'S up but not quite sure what. He just skulks around, peering at us suspiciously. He also has taken to escorting me to the bathroom & he's never done that. Weirdo.

    The turquoise boxes are from The Container Store (more to come on that next week)!

    @ Kat & Live a Colorful Life: The BOB runs like an absolute dream. So feather light & the steering & suspension/shocks are AMAZING!!!!

    The nursery wall color's Benjamin Moore Grant Beige--looooove it.

  7. Loved these updates! Keep us posted. Grant Beige? Love it! That's the color of my D.Room.

  8. You've got lots going on girl! Can't wait to see the nursery all together. =)

  9. Hiro's wall is so cute and I love the dresser! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I did a very similar post today with random things. :)

  10. Sounds like you guys have been really busy! I love the sneak peek of the wall color in the nursery. I can't wait to see the after!

  11. LOL! OMG Where do I begin?

    1) You are simply an amazing little pregnant woman nesting before little FC arrives.

    2) Where did you get the amazing Moroccan box?

    3) Thanks for the hilarious flashback of you going through Hiro's doggy door. I remember that from years ago - good times.

    4) Aww, that poor dog. I'm so glad you guys got him back to his owner and Lola is hilarious. Is she getting along with Hiro?

    Keep the laughs coming, girl

  12. Hey chikadee! So glad to see another post from you! I am LOVING that wall knocked down. You probably feel like you can breathe in there now! : )

    Mr. FC is a sweetheart for painting--I am dying to see that little cutie's nursery come to fruition.

    And, I'm with Suzie--please share the deets on the Moroccan box. I ♥ it!


  13. You are clearly dog's best friend!! I love the shot of you hubs face - priceless!!!

  14. Wow lots going on... I get so stressed when I have home projects - and the pic of your guy is so funny ha!

  15. glad I'm not the only one with the label "misc crap" on things! Hey, I call it like it is and my box is FULL of misc crap.


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