Crap going on around our house

The goings-on around our house during the past week or so...........and none of them are 100% completed, so I have no pretty "afters" to post yet.  I guess this is a shameless post to fill the void until there are bonafide "afters" to show.

Knocked out half a (non load-bearing) wall between our kitchen & the dining nook.  Our tiny kitchen has been going thru little updates to get us by until we can do a full-blown renovation:

 Mr. FC painted the nursery walls (formerly the office), refinished the baseboards, & painted the closet doors/entry door/door frame a fresh white.  More to come in a later post!

While he painted, I finally pulled together my basement office nook.
Just waiting for the next sunny day to take photos, as it's too shady by the time I get home from work.  Here's a terrible sneak peek:

 Remember those basement window wells he worked so hard on? 
Well, here are the early stages of making them more child-safe (we'll stain the rails to match the rest of the well).

 My daily CraigsList stalkings resulted in a couple of great finds.
We scored a sturdy (100% wood) vintage dresser that I am refurbishing to resemble the changing table in my nursery inspiration board.
Also scored a used B.O.B. all-terrain stroller for a song.  It's only a year-old & in impeccable condition.  Perfect for strolls & hikes with baby & dog.

And to prove that while we're spending a ton of time prepping for the Peanut's arrival, we haven't forgotten our furry baby Hiro.  Since he's getting on in years, we installed a double-paned doggie door for his peeing pleasure.  He's LOVING it. 
Much better than the old chintzy one that I (used to) fit through.
I call this "The Wall of Hiro":

Meanwhile, our friend Julie found this sweet, old guy while she was out f
or a run.  He had escaped from his yard & was wandering on a busy street, dehydrated & disoriented; she happened to be near our house so she brought him by.  He had no ID other than a rabies tag.  Mr. FC took a break from painting to track down the owner, which took some sleuthing via the rabies tag & vet records (Wyoming!).  We found out his name is Max, is 10 yrs old, has epilepsy, & his owner recently moved to Colorado.  The owner came to claim him & told us he was quite the escape artist & figured the microchip implant Max got was sufficient.  Get the poor guy adequate tags, Idiot Dogowner!!
We're also dog-sitting this slobbery sweetheart for our friends Jeremy & Michelle. 
She's been mixing her copious amounts of drool with the renovation dust. 
 I've been cleaning like mad. She's a good girl though.
Why the long face, Lola?

So there's my wild ramblings on what's going on in our little corner of the world. 
What are you all up to?

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