Nursery Diaries: Part 2

I hope you had a great labor-free Labor Day weekend!  Ours kicked off with a fun football-watching-get-together with friends.  We are a bunch of University of Iowa alums transplanted to Colorado & we watched the Hawkeyes ass-whoop Tennessee Tech --> sorry, I don't know who their mascot is because, up until Saturday, I didn't know Tennessee Tech even existed. 

When I started to write this nursery update, I didn't foresee using "ass-whoop" in the post but hey, never give up hope.  I'm an embarassment to the Peanut already.

Speaking of the Peanut, progress has been made in her room.  Mr. FC finished the painting, caulking, refinishing a few weeks ago.  The walls (formerly a dark grey) got a fresh coat of primer & Benjamin Moore's Grant Beige (color matched in Sherwin Williams Harmony No VOC paint; we took advantage of their paint sale recently). 

Grant Beige is truly a gorgeous neutral color. It's a cool beige that leans towards a subtle grey-green undertone. Maybe it's because we chose an eggshell finish, but the color in real life has this lovely luminosity to it.

The doors were already pre-primed so they just got 2 coats of semi-gloss Benjamin Moore's White Dove. We always have a bucket of this paint on hand because it's my go-to white paint; it's a soft yet crisp white that's not too stark on the eyeballs.

Mr. FC sanded, filled nailholes, painted, & caulked the baseboards.
He also switched out all the old outlets to child-safe ones.

On Friday, Mr. FC assembled the Jenny Lind DaVinci crib, which was purchased from here (along with the toddler bed conversion rail).  After much research, I found that they have the best price, free shipping, & delivery was hassle-free.  This crib has got to be the easiest crib to assemble in the history of the earth.  It's very sturdy. WE LOVE IT!
Beer in hand, look of mingled fatherly excitement/apprehension on face...........ready to assemble the crib.

On Sunday, I tackled the blooming branch wall decal (this is the one I purchased). I must have picked the most intricate wall decal ever. The branch had to be applied in three parts & each blossom, petal, bird had to be applied indi-freaking-vidually. I'm very Type A when it comes to this sort of thing, so of course I had to tweak the decal to make sure the branch parts lined up seamlessly & the blossoms looked "natural" in their placement. It took a few hours but I had an absolute blast doing it. Decor dork, party of one..............

I'm kicking myself for not taking pics of each phase so you can see how this blooming branch came to life.
Oh well, here's how it looks:

I didn't want blossom overload, so I applied them sparingly (there's still a third of the blossoms left unused).

 We have textured walls so it took a little effort but the decal adhered just fine.  If anything, the bumps/ridges give the branch/birds some "life".  Mr. FC requested that he get to apply the gold birds because apparently birds are his thing. Who am I to deny a man his delicate gold sparrows?

There's more nursery stuff to share, but I've rambled on long enough. 
More to come soon, thanks for following along!
{ To start at the beginning, read Nursery Diaries: Part 1 }


  1. Very sweet. I just love that crib! We have that same one and couldn't believe how easy it was to put together! Love the wall color too! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. UI Alums??? High-Five! Solidarity, Man :)

    Love the colors you've chosen for the nursery! Serene and calming, and girly without being foofy. Nice.


  3. Love the wall color. Love the use of 'lovely luminosity' and 'ass-whoop' in the same post. You're as eloquent as I (I'm referring to camel's asses in my post today.)

    You're going to love that crib! I bought it for my son...he slept in it 4.5 years, then my daughter slept in same one for 4.5 years. (don't judge, I like to keep my kids locked up, er, safe!) Cribs are their best friends. Anyway, it's a good, sturdy one!

  4. It looks great already! Love the wall color, it really is the perfect neutral with a kick. And the branch? Love.

  5. so gorgeous, you have amazing talent! i love reading your posts, they are always so cute & funny! =)

  6. Looking good FC! And I have to say that the decal application is perfect. Just the right amount of blooms!

  7. Wow! You guys have made some serious progress. I love the direction you're headed in and I can't wait to see the rest. : )


  8. So pretty! I love the color and the decal.


  9. Thanks so much, friends!! I can't tell you how happy this room makes me & we're not even done w/ it yet.

    @ Jill & Cassie: So great to hear that you both love the crib too. I'm even happier w/ our decision. And that the crib has stood the test of time, Cassie! Cribs do make the best cages, er, I mean baby beds. HA!

  10. LOL!

    Aww, it's so adorable already and it's not even done.

    Once again I love EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in this space and how was your back after putting up that wall decal? I know it takes freaking forever to get on the wall without wrinkling.

    I think the pregnancy hormones are giving you mad super powers. :)

  11. I love the wall decor ~ it's so perfectly girly, and looks great above the crib!

    We always paint in eggshell finish. I agree that it gives the paint an amazing quality, almost luminescent.

    Can't wait to see the crib bedding! :)

  12. I love that decal! I also love that you didn't choose a gender-specific color for the walls. You are the master.

  13. Love the wall color. That is seriously one of my favorite styles of cribs... so classic!

  14. Great choice for the decal. I'm sure your little lady will love starring at it too. Can't wait to see it finished! ...and of course the cute babe that will be enjoying it all :)

  15. @ Suzie: Aww, thanks chica for thinking of my old back! You are so sweet. Not gonna lie, it was a little stiff, LOL! But I took a lot of breaks throughout, I promise. Those decal wrinkles are a biatch!

    These preggo hormones are definitely giving me mad super powers....mad super eating powers. HA!

  16. arrrg I love the Jenny Lind crib! I wish it was available in Australia. I've seen the cradle but never the crib. :( maybe one day more US companies will ship to Aus!

  17. LOVE the decal! You always pick such stylish decals that don't look cheesy.

  18. Love the charming tree! It would be perfect in my little girl's room redo coming wall decals


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