Nursery Diaries: Part 5 (sort of)

Still here.  Still prego.  Due date is Nov. 3rd though the idea of 11/01/11 for the little lady's birthday is intriguing.  Regardless, she's calling the shots from here on out so we shall see.

Her nursery is done (though a room is truly never "done", am I right?) & I'm learning how to use our new fancy camera whilst waiting for this Colorado snow storm to pass so I can take decent pics of the room.  Hope to be able to share her nursery with you all next week..........unless the little lady decides to make her debut, of course.  Thanks for your patience!

I finally framed our Sharon Montrose animal photos.  I've been a fan forever, even before I got impregnated.  As for frames, I went with inexpensive Target frames ($10/each).  Then seeing these fabulous projects from the eternally awesome & witty Cassie reminded me that I had a tube of Rub 'n Buff (available at most craft stores) sitting in a drawer somewhere.  I gave Hiro the side-eye & we both giggled at "Rub 'n Buff" for a while.  Once we got that out of our systems, Hiro went outside to chase a squirrel & I got to transforming the frames.  My method: wear gloves, work outside (it's smelly stuff initially), wipe down frames with a damp rag, then use a clean old t-shirt to rub 'n buff away to your heart's content.  This tiny tube goes a long way.  Let frames cure in a well-ventilated area for a few days.

{ Rub 'n' Buff in Antique Gold }

A sneak peek at another wall in the Peanut's nursery.
A bit difficult to see in this pic, but the clear acrylic shelves displaying her books are from here
(these are the 24 inchers).

And last, but certainly not least, a dear reader made these darling burp cloths for the Peanut. The fabrics & craftmanship are perfection & she even thoughtfully washed the burp cloths in baby detergent. When I opened the package, I was moved to tears over such a kind, generous, sweet gesture. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Molly!!
These make me grin like a fool every time I see them. I do believe you could take Etsy by storm (you know, in between raising your kiddos & keeping order to an already busy life =] ).

P.S. On a different note, I've been experiencing some serious pregnancy heartburn over the past few weeks & my nurse midwife recommended natural papaya pills. Just thought I'd mention these little magical supplements as they've worked wonders for me where Tums & such have failed.  (As always, consult your medical practitioner first.)


P.P.S. Also, friends of ours let us borrow the DVD version of "The Happiest Baby On The Block" a few months ago, which we finally got around to watching.  Amazing. I don't know if "The Five S's" will work on our little one, but I'm daring to hope..............


  1. Those prints are priceless. Loving the gold framing. We are due with our first in January! How exciting! I wish you the very best! xx

  2. The nursery is wonderful. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

  3. The nursery looks amazing. What a blessed baby :)


  4. I am so happy for you and your little one. She's going to be so well loved. Amongst such stylishness too.

    I read that book and found it to be pretty helpful. I had the static turned up really loudly one time when our first baby was really new, and he was still wailing over it. What to do?? My visiting sister came in to the room to check on us, and I couldn't hear her over the static from the stereo's radio. She ssaid it's because I had it turned up to CRAZY PERSON loud. Ugh, she was right. So take the advice with a grain of salt. Not a heavy dose of it like I did.


  5. Looks gooodd!! the frames are AMAZING...I also LUV the clear-acrylic bookshelves.

    Can't wait to see the rest. :)

  6. hello. long time blog stalker here, first time commenter. The display shelves are perfect. I need me some for my little one's book collection.

    I watched the same video and I'll say that most of the Ss work. My baby responded well to the shaking and sucking ones. That's gentle shaking, for the record.

    Best of luck on the little one. Her birthday will be your best day ever!

  7. I love your giggle about Rub n Buff! You are going to be the best mom, sexy pants!

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy. I've got a four month old baby boy. We swaddle, use a sound app called Relax and Sleep and also have found the gentle shaking works wonders. The video really helped us. Also, just taking him outside if he is super fussy works. He usually falls fast asleep. Enough unwarranted advice.

    I love your nursery and the recent peek into other nurseries. I'm curious about the acrylic book shelves. Thanks for the link to website. Did you use wall anchors with the screws to secure it well to the wall?

    Congrats again on your pregnancy.


  9. I use that papaya for my lactose intolerance. Love it. Can't wait to see "finished" pics of the nursery!

  10. I love the frames, so very mature but also appropriate for a beautiful baby girl.

  11. Love love love that ornate frame. Gawjuss.

    Zantac was my best friend at the end of my pregnancy. I don't know how this kid didn't come out with a full afro.

    Wow- your due date is so close! Enjoy these last few days of just you and the hubs. Can't wail to meet your little Frecklette!


  12. Loving how this nursery is coming together FC! The frames are so perfectly sweet. The 5S's worked for us Hope they work for you too. Wishing you a safe and speedy delivery!

  13. I get giddy for another post from you. I was wondering if that little sweetie had decided to make an early appearance. Love you, lady!

  14. Congrats Freckles Chick! Can't wait to see pictures of the little one! Beautiful nursery!

  15. I can't wait to see your nursery reveal!!! :) Thanks again for your kind words about the burp cloths.... before you know it your baby girl will be here!!!


  16. Everything is SO adorable. Let's see where do I begin...

    How chic are the acrylic shelves? Seriously! And I love the prints in your new frames. I just want to touch everything, it's so cute.

    Give Hiro a big hug from Bunny and me. :)

  17. I really liked the print you had above your acrylic shelves :)


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